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Physics Theses: 1970 - 1979



  • Carleton, S., 1979. The Field Configuration of Ultrasonic Beams In and Around Laboratory Mice. (Robert Gould)
  • Harvey, Jr., H. S., 1979. Reality: Just a Pipedream. (Richard Wolfson)
  • Michaels, Robert M., 1979.  Magnetic Anomaly over a Magnetized Circular Cone.  (Robert Gould)
  • Peck, J. L., 1979. An Investigation of the Influence of Stabilizing Composition Forces During The Helium Flash of a One Solar Mass Mass Red Giant. (Robert Boyle)
  • Powell, G., 1979. Minimum Acoustic Pressure Necessary To Produce Surface Oscillations in Bubbles. (Robert Gould)
  • Reith, III, H., 1979. Gaseous Bubble Deformation on a Liquid Solid Interface. (R.L. Siddons)



  • Benhken, J., 1978. An X-Ray Observation of the Lupus Loop and 1006 Supernova Remnants. (Frank Winkler)
  • Campbell, L. W., 1978. Some Factors Affecting the Operation of a Gas Proportional Scintillation Counter. (Frank Winkler)
  • Cleary, M., 1978. The Propagation and Damping of Ion Acoustic Waves. (Richard Wolfson)
  • Davidge, N. A., 1978. Acoustical Holography In Air. (Robert Gould)
  • Gustafson, D., 1978. Effects of Focused Radio Frequency Radiation In A Magnetized Plasma. (Richard Wolfson)
  • Holtan, G., 1978. Computer Generated Holography. (Robert Gould)
  • Kirschner, M., 1978. Studies of the Interaction of 4HZ Ultrasound With A Biological System and Methods For The Measurement In Vivo of Acoustic Intensity. (Robert Gould)
  • Loughry, M. W., 1978. Development of Instrumentation For Quantitative Specification of Ultrasonic Beam Parameters in Liquid Media. (Robert Gould)
  • Michaels, R. M., 1978. Magnetic Anomaly Over A Magnetized Circular Cone. (Robert Gould)
  • Muller, P., 1978. Electrostatic Plasma Probes for Electron Temperature and Density Measurements. (Richard Wolfson)
  • Perry, M. E., 1978. X-Ray Binary Analysis. (Richard Wolfson)
  • Power, D. A., 1978. On The Compressional Equlibria of a Rotating Plasma-Filled Magnetocylinder. (Richard Wolfson)
  • Rayhill, S., 1978. An Investigation of the Spatial Distribution of Quasi-Stellar Objects and Bright Galaxies. (Frank Winkler)
  • Shattuck, M., 1978. Design, Construction and Utilization of an ATP Photometer. (Richard Wolfson)



  • Guest, P., 1977. A Mathematical Analysis of Cooling Tower Plumes. (Richard Wolfson)
  • Magill, J. R., 1977. Geophysics of Koko Seamount: Paleomagnetism and Rigidity of the Lithosphere. (David Clague)
  • Parker, R. M., 1977. On What You'll Never Hear: Ultrasonic Absorption in Associated and Nonassociated Liquids. (Robert Gould)
  • Schindler, M., 1977. Low Energy X-Ray Detection With an Argon Gas Proportional Scintillation Counter. (P. J. Cooney)
  • Surles, R. D., 1977. The Supernova Rate in Our Galaxy. (Frank Winkler)
  • Walczak, E., 1977. Production and Characterization of Plasma In A SCAMP (Source Chamber and Magnetized Plasma Device). (Richard Wolfson)



  • Fisher, L. A., 1976. An Experimental Study of the Acoustic Microstreaming About A Bubble Undergoing Oscillations In Mode N=2. (Robert Gould)
  • Hertzberg, L.,1976. The Mössbauer Effect: An Inquiry Into The Theory and Building and Testing of a Simple Mössbauer Spectrometer. (P. Cooney)
  • Phillips, J.,1976. Micro-Computer Assisted Measurement of Magnetic Susceptibility at Low Temperatures. (Richard Wolfson)
  • Sergo, H. Thomas, 1976.  An Investigation into the Feasibility of Synthesizing Classical Instrument Sounds using Frequency Modulation.  (Robert Gould)
  • Spencer, W. P., 1976. Computer Model of Supernova Remnants. (Frank Winkler)
  • White, A. E., 1976. Holographic Image Deblurring: Theoretical, Experimental, and Computer-Model Investigations. (P. Cooney)



  • Cornelius, N., 1975. Of Rainbows. (Frank Winkler)
  • Knowlton, S. F., 1975. Measurements of Ejection Velocity of Jet Droplets From Bursting Bubbles. (C. L. Hartley)
  • Kash, K., 1975. A Study of Three Compact X-Ray Sources. (Frank Winkler)
  • Laird, F., 1975. X-Ray Observations of Selected Supernova Remnants. (Frank Winkler)
  • March, R. S., 1975. The Paleomagnetic Record of Sediments From Lake Champlain, Vermont: 1,500 Years B.P. - Present. (D. W. Folger)
  • Sergo, H. T., 1975. An Investigation Into The Feasibility of Synthesizing Classical Instrument Sounds Using Frequency Modulation. (Robert Gould)
  • Smith, W. D., 1975. An Experimental Study of Bubble Dynamics in a Standing Wave Ultrasonic Field. (Robert Gould)



  • Batchelder, K., 1974. Photoelastic Stress Analysis of Vitreous Carbon Dental Implants. (Robert Gould)
  • Bogue, J. E., 1974. The Development of a Turbidity Meter for Lake Champlain. Studies. (Robert Gould)
  • Keck, L., 1974. Some Aspects of X-Ray Fluorescence and the Detection of Fluorescent X-Rays. (P. Cooney)
  • Stone, D. S.,1974. Partially Open Resonant Cavities and Their Application To Plasma Diagnostics. (Bradford Wright)



  • Collister, Jr., R. L., 1973. The Fundamental Parameters of Fair Weather Atmospheric Electricity and the Construction of Instruments for the Measurement of Point Discharge, Conductivity and Potential Gradient. (Bradford Wright)
  • Goodwin, P. H., 1973. The Infrared Sensor and Its Potential Use For Separation of Solid Waste. (Frank Winkler) Lauterwasser, B., 1973. The Growth and Characterization of Single Crystals of Zink: Application to De Haas-Van Alphen Measurements. (Don Terwilliger)
  • Prater, J.,1973. Surface Plasma Oscillations in Thin Silver Films. (Don Terwilliger)
  • Vandergrift, J., 1973. Large Scale Production of Energy Derived From Solar Energy. (P. Cooney)



  • Armstrong, M., 1972. Photoelectric Photometry. (Frank Winkler) Lecko, C. 1972. Astrophotography For Science and Enjoyment. (Frank Winkler)



  • Berry, W., 1971. Apparatus for the Determination of De Haas - Van Alphén Frequencies. (Don Terwilliger)



  • Ruberg, L. R., 1970. Detection of the Proton Magnetic Resonance: An Attempt. (Frank Winkler)

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