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Physics Theses: 1980 - 1989



  • Alvarez, A., 1989. High Resolution Solar Spectroscopy Through Fiber Optics and A Heliostat. (Stephen Ratcliff)
  • Falkinburg, N. R., 1989. The Perturbation Equation and Phase Angle Subtended by a Driven Magnet Spinning Over a Superconducting Sample. (Stephen Ratcliff)
  • Kruger, M. A., 1989. Hyperfine and Isotopic Effects in the 2537 Å Line of Mercury in Zero, Low and High Magnetic Fields. (Stephen Ratcliff)
  • Lawrence, G. E., 1989. A Study of the Surface Modes of a Cavitation Bubble and Proof of an N=4 Surface Mode. (Robert Gould)
  • MacWhorter, M. A., 1989. Solar Radiation Measurements Taken At Sea: A Correction Method. (Richard Wolfson)
  • Nasser, W., 1989. Examination of Transition Phase in Middlebury YBa2Cu3O7 Superconductor. (Robert Prigo)
  • Niiler, C., 1989. Three Supernova Remnants in the Large Magellanic Cloud: N103B, 0525-66, N11L. (Frank Winkler)
  • Orr, J., 1989. Electron Cyclotron Resonance Effects in Fluorescent Lamp Plasma. (Richard Wolfson)
  • Ostebo, T. R., 1989. Structural Analysis Using Air-Hologram Model Interferometry. (Robert Prigo)
  • Shepherd, S. G., 1989. Sonic Measurement of Wind Velocity. (Robert Gould)
  • Slaton, A. B., 1989. Ultrasonic Non-Destructive Testing. (Robert Gould)
  • Turner, N., 1989. Supernova 1987A In The Large Magellanic Cloud As An Educational Tool. (Frank Winkler)
  • Viechnicki, J., 1989. The Electric Harmonica. (Stephen Ratcliff)



  • Bassi, J. C., 1988. Photon Polarization Measurements of the Zeeman Effect in Atomic Mercury. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Bouchard, A. M., 1988. The Vibrational Properties of Amorphous Silicon: A Computer Simulation. (Robert Prigo)
  • Loeser, T. E., 1988. Holographic Diffraction Gratings. (Robert Prigo)
  • Phelps, A., 1988. The SSP-3A Solid State Photometer. (Stephen Ratcliff)
  • Phelps, C., 1988. Spectrophotometric Data from Kepler's Supernova Remnant. (Frank Winkler)
  • Potts, A. J., 1988. K-6 Misconceptions: Newton's Third Law. (Robert Prigo)
  • Roberts, P. F., 1988. Ion Density Effects on Spectral Line Intensities in the Supernova Remnant Cassiopeia A. (Frank Winkler)
  • Sox, C., 1988. SDI: An Educational Tool for Introductory Physics. (Richard Wolfson)
  • Summersgill, C. R., 1988. The Flux Tube Drag Coefficient In Middlebury YBa2Cu3O7 Superconductors. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Waine, A., 1988. A Method for the Measurement of Damping in the Bifilar Suspension System. (Robert Prigo)



  • Anthony, E. B., 1987. The McSpex Project: Laser Spectroscopy Laboratory Interface Program. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Bishop, H. B., 1987. Heat Loss From Buildings in Wind Flow. (Robert Gould)
  • Goodheart, R. D., 1987. A Wear Study of Different Tennis Balls and Their Coefficients of Restitution. (Robert Prigo)
  • Kaufman, M. J., 1987. Zeeman and Paschen-Back Measurements in Atomic Mercury. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Raubenheimer, B., 1987. Velocity Structure of Supernova Ejecta in Cassiopeia A. (Frank Winkler)
  • Tucker, R. S., 1987. Laser Induced Fluorescence of the Uranyl Ion in Autunite at Liquid Nitrogen and Liquid Helium Temperatures. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Tuttle, J. H., 1987. The Puppis-A Supernova Remnant : General Observations and Age Determination With An Un-decelerated Expansion Model. (Frank Winkler)



  • Belanger, R. C., 1986. Laser Induced Luminescence of Manganese Impurities in Carbonate Minerals. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Coates, C. A., 1986. An Investigation of Friction. (Robert Prigo)
  • Ffield, A., 1986. Measurement of the Plasma Density In A Fluorescent Lamp By The Shift In Resonance Frequency Of A Conducting Cavity. (Richard Wolfson)
  • Guerra, D. V., 1986. The Calculation of Stellar Orbits in Rotating Elliptical Galaxies. (Stephen Ratcliff)
  • Solomon, J. B., 1986. Photoacoustic Laser Communication Through Interferometric and Intensity Variation. (Robert Prigo)
  • Vehse, Deborah L., 1986. Laser Induced Fluorescence of the Uranyl Ion in Uraniferous Minerals. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • West, J. E., 1986. UOSAT 1 and Data Reception. (Jeffrey Dunham)



  • Battelle, T. E.,1985. Growth of Si/Si7Ge3Superlattices On Silicon By Ion Beam Deposition. (Richard Wolfson)
  • Berkes, O. G., 1985. The Quantum 8 Interface Program. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Conover, C. W. S., 1985. Magnetostatic Structures in Spherical Geometry: The Flux Tube. (Richard Wolfson)
  • Davis, C. A., 1985. The Effects on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Relaxation Characteristics of Liquid Molecules Near The Surface of Bone. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Donnelly, W. J., 1985. In Search of a More Versatile Keyboard Controller of Electronic Sounds. (Robert Gould)
  • Duncan, C. C., 1985. Gravity and Magnetics in Addison County, Vermont. (Peter Goreau and Richard Wolfson)
  • Ferris, T. G., 1985. Three Coincidence Experiments in Nuclear Physics. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Gould, S., 1985. Relativistic Angular Momentum: Thomas Precession and the Scattering Problem. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Helsley, E., 1985. Science at Middlebury: A Study of the Advancements Made By Frederick Hall in the Early Nineteenth Century. (Frank Winkler)
  • Jordan, D. J., 1985. Alpha-Gamma and Beta-Gamma Coincidence Emissions From 133Barium, 137Cesium, and 228Thorium. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Knutzen, A., 1985. Heteronuclear Decoupling in Formamide and Pyrrole. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Lubell, K., 1985. Real Time Holography Interferometry. (Robert Prigo)
  • Neuman, J. A., 1985. Nitrogen-Laser-Pumped Dye Lasers. (Robert Prigo)
  • Oxx, S. P., 1985. The Propagation of Microwaves in an Argon Plasma. (Richard Wolfson)
  • Pitman, C. T., 1985. The Use of Double Exposure White Light Holographic Interferometry in the Observation of Radiation Pressure. (Robert Prigo)
  • Riley, G. N. Jr., 1985. Deformation of Quartz and Feldspar in a Precambrian Granulite. (William Glassley and Richard Wolfson)
  • Stevens, M. H., 1985. A Seismic Investigation of the Northeastern United States and Southeastern Canada Using Scatterplot Matrices. (Richard Wolfson)
  • Stroup, G., 1985. Middlebury College Satellite Data Receiving Station. (Jeffrey Dunham)



  • Benjamin, D. P., 1984. Solitans: A Mystery of Existence. (I. Schensted)
  • Kenyon, A., 1984. Spin-Spin Split and Spin Decoupled Nuclear Magnetic Resonance in Acetaldehyde. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Menard, M., 1984. The Energy Efficiency of Methane Digesters and Statistical Analysis. (Richard Wolfson)
  • Reifer, M. H., 1984. Speaker Independent Verbal Communication With Computers. (Richard Wolfson)
  • Stanley, M. M., 1984. Theory and Practice in NMR. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Walter, W. R., 1984. The Nitrogen Laser. (Robert Prigo)



  • Allen, J. J., 1983. Time Average Holographic Interferometry of Sinusoidal Vibrations. (Robert Prigo)
  • Cabral, B. E., 1983. A Neo-Classical Determination of the Speed of Light. (Frank Winkler)
  • Dooley, Jr., J. W., 1983. A Study of Small Particle Behavior in a 1 MHz Acoustic Standing Wave Field With Cylindrical Geometry. (Robert Gould)
  • Egertson, E. C., 1983. Reducing Induced Drag On Sails. (Robert Gould)
  • Nauman, P.,1983. A Comparison of ON-OFF And Proportional Strategies For Solar Energy Systems. (Richard Wolfson)
  • O'Brien, C., 1983. The Number-Diameter Relationship For X-Ray Emitting Supernova Remnants. (Frank Winkler)
  • Seamans, J. D., 1983. Ion Decay of an Argon Plasma In a SCAMP. (Richard Wolfson)
  • Winchell, D. F., 1983. Interactive Computing in Physics Education OR "Alice in Physics Land." (Robert Prigo)



  • Bromley, B. C., 1982. X-Ray Spectroscopy of Supernova Remnants: The Hot Spot Region of Puppis A. (Frank Winkler)
  • Hanbury, R. A., 1982. Focused Image Holograms: Their Features and Applications. (Robert Prigo)
  • Koch, L., 1982. Evaluation of Noise Along Route 7 in Middlebury Vermont. (Robert Gould)
  • Larrivee, H., 1982. Will It Work? A Solar Greenhouse In New England. (Richard Wolfson)
  • Newberry, D. G., 1982. A Computer Simulation of Reverberation Time Using A Ray-Tracing Approach. (Robert Gould)
  • Schomburg, R. S., 1982. On An Architectural Acoustic Study of Reverberration in the Memorial Field House Auditorium. (Robert Prigo)
  • Tower, J., 1982. Magnetic Mirror Effects in an Argon Plasma. (Richard Wolfson)
  • Wallace, G. O., 1982. Applications of Single Beam Reflection Holography: Contour Generation and Interferometry. (Robert Prigo)



  • DuVivier, E. M., 1981. In Vivo Measurements of the Acoustic Intensity In The Abdomen of a Mouse Irradiated With 1 MHz Ultrasound. (Robert Gould)
  • Holzbach, M., 1981. X-Ray Imaging of Supernova Remnants. (Frank Winkler)
  • McConnell, H., 1981. A Computer Simulation of Room Acoustics. (Robert Gould)
  • Miller, T. H., 1981. Plasma Resistivity in a SCAMP. (Robert Boyle)
  • Rothman, D., 1981. A Mathematical Model of the Acoustical Component of Hearing in Noctuid Moths. (Robert Prigo)
  • Schmidt, H. J., 1981. Holograms of Holographic Images. (Robert Prigo)
  • Waite, Jr., C. M., 1981. Paradoxical Emission From Two X-Ray Supernova Remnants. (Frank Winkler)



  • Andressen, F. P., 1980. Modelling Clear Day Solar Radiation in Middlebury, VT. (Richard Wolfson)
  • Desbiens, Jr., D. J., 1980. A Spectroscopic Method for Electron Temperature Measurement of an Argon Plasma. (Richard Wolfson)
  • Duncan, J. P., 1980. A Study of Molecular Ion Formation. (Patrick Cooney)
  • Holden, H. H., 1980. A Study of Bubbles in the N=2 Mode of Resonance Surface Oscillations: Amplitude of Distortion Measurements. (Robert Gould)
  • Kernan, W. J., 1980. Color Excess Ratios From A New Interstellar Reddening Law. (Robert J. Boyle)
  • Kissinger, S. V., 1980. Psychoacoustic Imaging With Electronic Circuitry. (Robert Gould)
  • McCarthy, J., 1980. Gravity and Magnetics of Hancock, Vermont. (Robert Boyle)

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