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Physics Theses: 2000 - 2009


  • Berman, Blake T., 2009. Modeling Radiation From Relativistic Charged Particles. (Rich Wolfson)
  • Boucher, John T., 2009. A Model for the Milky Way Galaxy. (Noah Graham)
  • Cahill, Edward, 2010. Efficiency of the Photovoltaic System at Hillcrest. (Rich Wolfson)
  • de Leiris, Benjamin, 2009. Flux Calibration Of Emission-Line Images. (P. Frank Winkler)
  • Doken, Semihcan, 2009. Oscillons In A Scalar Field Coupled To Electromagnetic Fields. (Noah Graham)
  • Garber, Jillian Hilpert, 2010. A Three-Dimensional Kinematic Model of Supernova Remnant Puppis A. (P. Frank Winkler)
  • Junda, Maxwell, 2009. Poincaré Sections For A Chaotic Torsional Pendulum. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Katz, Jennifer, 2009. Observing Circular Polarization In Zeeman Effect Splitting. (Stephen Ratcliff)
  • Mikkelson, Evan, 2009. Carbon Nanotube Conductance And Thin Film Insulation. (Susan Watson)
  • Oak, Yan Naung, 2009. Applications Of Ising And Other Discrete Spin Models. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Plunkett, Adele, 2009. Three-dimensional Kinematics Of The Oxygen-rich Supernova Remnant G292.0+1.8. (P. Frank Winkler)
  • Reynolds, Garrett, 2009. Radiation Emitted By An Accelerating Charge. (Noah Graham)
  • Ryng, Alex, 2009. Application Of Electrical Resistivity In Geophysics. (Richard Wolfson)
  • Saleh, Alaa, 2009. Thermal Conductivity Of Bi-Layer Materials: The 3ω Method. (Susan Watson)
  • Schumer, Celey J., 2009. Green Lift: Designing A Hovercraft. (Susan Watson)
  • Vaughan, Matthew, 2009. Hydrogen Production Using Renewable Energy. (Noah Graham)


  • Alidoust, Nima, 2008. Inflationary Cosmology and Non-Linear Scalar Fields Coupled with Electomagnetic Vector Fields. (Noah Graham)
  • Drake, Christina, 2008. Finite Element Method and the Solar Corona: Energy Storage in Quadrupolar Magnetic Fields. (Rich Wolfson)
  • Glavin III, William F., 2008. Modeling the Function of a Shock Absorber on a Modern Race Car. (Stephen Ratcliff)
  • Hand, James, 2008. Fourier and Regression Analysis of Decadal-Length Variations in US Temperature. (Richard Wolfson)
  • Hansen, Christian, 2008. Temperature's Effect on Baseball's Ball-Bat Collision. (Robert Prigo)
  • Harburg, Daniel, 2008. The Aharonov-Bohm Effect in Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes. (Susan Watson)
  • Johnston, Joe, 2008. Small Wind Turbines: Aerodynamics and Performance. (Susan Watson)
  • Kessler, Scott, 2008. Harnessing Hydro Power at Frog Hollow on Otter Creek. (Robert Prigo)
  • McComb, Jacob Collin, 2008. Gauge Fields, the Higgs Mechanism and the Large Hadron Collider. (Noah Graham)
  • Morgan, Adam Milton, 2008. Geometric Algebra in Non-Relativistic and Relativistic Physics. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Nguyen, Blake, 2008. Visualizing Electromagnetic Radiation. (Richard Wolfson)
  • Roth, Henry, 2008. Explorations in Scanning Probe Microscopy. (Susan Watson)
  • Salpeter, Garrett, 2008. Charging a Cell Phone with Alternative Sources of Energy. (Robert Prigo)
  • Sullivan, Matthew Kevin Naoki, 2008. Self-Sensing Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Cementitious Composites. (Susan Watson)
  • Waite, Christopher, 2008. Measuring the Expansion of Supernova Remnant Puppis A. (P. Frank Winkler)
  • Williams, Evan D., 2008. A Study of LED-Induced Fluorescence Spectroscopy and Detection Instrument Behavior. (Stephen Ratcliff)
  • Yeiser, Jed, 2008. Automating Wavelength-Ratio and Index-of-Refraction Measurements and Improving their Accuracy. (Jeffrey Dunham)


  • Amos, Matthew M., 2007. The Role of the Mississippi River in the Restoration of the Louisiana Gulf Coast. (Robert Prigo)
  • Atanasova, Iliyana Plamenova, 2007. Determination of the T1 Relaxivity of Magnevist by NMR at 9.4 T. (Susan Watson)
  • Ball, K. Aurelia, 2007. Ionic Current Modeling for a-Hemolysin and M. Smegmatis Porin a Protein Channels. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Brown, Alison, 2007. A Solar Powered Scooter: Maximizing the Conversion of Solar Energy to Kinetic Energy. (Richard Wolfson)
  • Einstein, Andrew S., 2007. Index of Refraction and Wavelength Ratio Measurement Precision for a Michelson Interferometer. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Harkay, Gregory J., 2007. The Carbon Nanotube Aharonov-Bohm Effect Apparatus. (Susan Watson)
  • Koh, Cha-ly, 2007.  Quantitative Universality of One-Dimensional Nonlinear Systems: A Close Examination of Feigenbaum's Papers. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Ocampo, Bobby, 2007. Current-Voltage Characteristics of Commercial Semiconductor Devices. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Pathak, Kanchan, 2007. Finite Element Modeling of a Force-Free Corona with Multiple Flux Ropes. (Richard Wolfson)
  • Stamatopoulos, Nikitas, 2007. Quantum Computation and Simulation. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Strauss Lewis A., 2007. A Van Der Pol Circuit And A Theory Of Explanation. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Stwertka, Carolyn, 2007, P-N Junctions in Carbon Nanotubes. (Susan Watson)
  • Thomsen, R. Hayden, 2007. Light Emitting Diode Technology And Its Applications. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Twelker, Karl, 2007. Ejecta Proper Motions in Supernova Remnant G292.0+1.8. (P.F. Winkler)


  • Barrett, Laura, 2006. Measuring the Index of Refraction of Helium, Air, and Argon using a Michelson Interferometer. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Boyink, Jeffrey, 2006. Color Differentiation through Wavelength-Specific Reflection Amplitude Comparison. (Stephen Ratcliff)
  • Chiang, Kaiming, 2006. Foundations of String Theory and its Application to Black Hole Entropy. (Noah Graham)
  • Engler, Matthew, 2006, Experiments in Statistical Mechanics. (Noah Graham)
  • Feldman, Joshua S., 2006. The 11-Year Sunspot Cycle and Decadal Temperature Variability in the United States. (Richard Wolfson)
  • Hinson, Edward, 2006. Simulations of Charged Particle Trajectories in Magnetic Fields. (Richard Wolfson)
  • Johanson, Russell A., 2006. Transmission Frequency Drift and Receiver Passband of Avalanche Transceivers. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Larson, Jonathan, 2006. Finite Element Modeling of Solar Coronal Mass Ejections. (Richard Wolfson)
  • Maass, Richard, 2006. The Measurement of e/k from Current Voltage Characteristics of Commercial Bipolar Junction Transistors. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • McDonald, Cliff, 2006. Spectroscopy and Frequency Entrainment with a Neon Bulb Relaxation Oscillator. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • McNeil, Emily K., 2006. Supernova Remnants in M33. (P. Frank Winkler)
  • Mohar, Wasil Intsar, 2006. Gauge Theories, Solitons, and Monopoles. (Noah Graham)
  • Mulwa, Arthur Mutuku, 2006. Quantum Computing. (Noah Graham)
  • Varney, Kristine, 2006. Vocal Formant Analysis and the Synthesized Voice. (Stephen Ratcliff)


  • Dalley, Joshua, 2005. Phase Synchronization of Nonlinear Chemical Oscillators. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Kraines, Benjamin Aaron, 2005. Representations of Finite and Lie Groups with Applications. (Noah Graham)
  • Lester, Edward (Ted), 2005. Moderated Neutron Activation Using a 252-Cf Source. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Motley, Matthew Warren, 2005. The Synthesis and Detection of Deuterated Chiral Ethanol. (Noah Graham)
  • Shubert, Christopher W., 2005. Multi-Agent Simulations of Unregulated Traffic Systems. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Wetter, Jeffrey, 2005. The Effects of the Cosmological Constant on the Friedmann Models. (Noah Graham)


  • Abernathey, Ryan, 2004. Phase Dynamics and Synchronization of the Van der Pol Oscillator. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Ambrette, Eric C., 2004. Building a Better Brake Light: A Study in Accelerometry. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Barasch, Aaron, 2004. The Hovercraft Lab. (Susan Watson)
  • Bolger, Michael Patrick, 2004. Internal Friction of Thin Film Solids. (Susan Watson)
  • Brutlag, Katherine, 2004. Longslit Optical Spectroscopy of SN1006: Emission Along the NW Shock Front. (Frank Winkler)
  • DeWitt, Elizabeth, 2004. The Physics of Swimming. (Richard Wolfson)
  • Duckworth, Jonathan C., 2004. The Cosmological Constant in the Friedmann Equation. (Noah Graham)
  • Parker, Craig, 2004. Production of Radioactive 28-AL, 56-Mn, and 128-I Using a 252-Cf Neutron Source. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Spero, Richard Chasen, 2004. Theory, Technology and Equipment of the Watson Lab. (Susan Watson)
  • Tierney, David, 2004. The Physics of Skateboarding. (Richard Wolfson)


  • Chan, Mun, 2003. Quantum Computation by Adiabatic Evolution. (Noah Graham)
  • Condon, Rhiannon, 2003. Flux Calibration of Images of the Small Magellanic Cloud. (Frank Winkler)
  • Forsyth, Andrew, 2003. Quantum Conductance Under Ambient Conditions. (Susan Watson)
  • Lazzaro, William, 2003. Software Control Programming, CCD Image Processing Software Investigation, and Photometric Transformation Equations. (Stephen Ratcliff)
  • Manganello, Zachary, 2003. Radio Astronomy at Middlebury College. (Stephen Ratcliff)
  • Merrill, Nathaniel, 2003. Conductance Quantization in Piezoelectric-Controlled Mechanical Break Junctions. (Susan Watson)
  • Miller-Ricci, Eliza, 2003. The Molecular Zeeman Effect and the G-Band: Stokes Polarimetry Modeling of Solar CH Lines. (Richard Wolfson)
  • Nagle, Kenneth, 2003. Saturated Absorption and Intermodulated Optogalvanic Spectroscopy of a HeNe Discharge from 6678 Angstroms to 6679 Angstroms. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Petrovic, Dusan, 2003. The Analysis of Van Der Pol's Differential Equation Periodic Solutions. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Phillips, Kadion, 2003. Understanding Optoelectronics in Modern Communications Systems by Studying Acousto-Optic Modulation. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Reilly, Frances, 2003. Wind Resource Assessment of Brodie Mountain. (Richard Wolfson)
  • Reith, Claudine, 2003. Measuring the Proper Motions of the Supernova Remnant G292.0+1.8. (Frank Winkler)
  • Romankiewicz, Michael, 2003. Fundamentals of the Compact Disc. (Noah Graham)
  • Ryan, Michael, 2003. Variations in the Conductance and Current of an Open Quantum Dot. (Susan Watson)
  • Sharp, Stevenson, 2003. Observing the Hall Effect in a Laboratory Plasma: A Project with Potential. (Richard Wolfson)
  • Unger, Michael, 2003. The 3-omega Method with Electrical Conductors. (Susan Watson)
  • Young, Amber, 2003. Wide Field Imaging and the Magellanic Cloud Emission-Line Survey. (Frank Winkler)


  • Ambrette, Brian, 2002. The Dynamics of Vortex Dipoles in a Stratified Fluid. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Cacciapaglia, Lauren, 2002. Searching for Hexagons in Rayleigh-Bénard Convection. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Carlson, David, 2002. A Fiber Optic Acquisition Module and Stellar Spectroscopy. (Stephen Ratcliff)
  • Franco, Adam, 2002. Experimental Study of an Open Quantum Dot. (Susan Watson)
  • Jacquet, Gabrielle, 2002. Reverberation Time in Concert Halls. (Stephen Ratcliff)
  • Kim, Woo-Joong, 2002. Historical Survey of the Concept of Energy and its Conservation Law. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Lackey, Michael, 2002. Demonstrating Resonance in Linear and Nonlinear Oscillators. (Susan Watson)
  • Martin, Brian, 2002. Burning Retinas: High-Resolution Solar Spectroscopy. (Stephen Ratcliff)
  • McAndrews, Lisa, 2002. Hyperspectral Imaging in Remote Sensing. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Munro, James, 2002. Nonlinear Chemical Oscillation in the Belousov-Zhabotinsky Reaction. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Priester, John, 2002. The Effectiveness of Cooling Curves in Determining the Thermal Properties of Animals. (Susan Watson)


  • Colianni, John P., 2001. Identification of Ultraviolet Light Bulbs for Spectroscopy of Supernova Remnants. (Frank Winkler)
  • Gokas, Tara L., 2001. An Optical Study of the Supernova Remnant G272.2-3.2. (Frank Winkler)
  • Graham, Daniel Jacob, 2001. Operator Methods in Quantum Mechanics. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Gupta, Gaurav, 2001. Measuring the Distance to the Remnant of SN 1006: A Study of Proper Motions of the Optical Filament. (Frank Winkler)
  • LoCascio, Katinka, 2001. Ecological Greenhousing: Heat Extraction from Compost. (Richard Wolfson)
  • Thariani, Rahber Ali, 2001. Determining the Energy Generation Function in a Compost Pile by the Finite Element Method. (Richard Wolfson)


  • Chitayat, David D., 2000. The 3-omega Method: The Thermal Conductivity of a Filled Skutterudite. (Susan Watson)
  • Coggeshall-Burr, Mishael, 2000. One Afternoon When I Was Eight. (Susan Watson; Eric Nelson, Art Dept (Joint))
  • Falcier, Peter S., 2000. Resistance Modulated Power Point Tracking in Silicon Semiconductor Photovoltaic Modules With Introductory History and Theory of Photovoltaics. (Richard Wolfson)
  • Harwood, Peter D., 2000. A Muon Decay Experiment. (Stephen Ratcliff)
  • Knauer, Thomas, 2000. Van der Pol Relaxation Oscillator and the Devil's Staircase. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Galle, Elizabeth C., 2000. The Search for Planetary Nebulae in the Small Magellanic Cloud. (Frank Winkler)
  • Goulbourne, Nakhiah, 2000. The Application of MIDI Technology to the Computer Control of Household Appliances and Other Non-Music Related Devices. (Stephen Ratcliff)
  • Lis, David, 2000. Synthesis and Analysis of Basic Passive Filters. (Stephen Ratcliff)
  • Paul, David M., 2000. A Comprehensive Guide to the New Middlebury College Observatory. (Frank Winkler)
  • Stuart, Grant A., 2000. Fluorescence Lifetime Measurements of Solid Uranyl Nitrate. (Stephen Ratcliff)
  • Teng, Harold, 2000. The Lectures of Frederick Hall and the Philosophical Apparatus of Middlebury College During Hall's Tenure. (Frank Winkler)
  • Thomson, James M., 2000. Taylor Vortices and Bénard Cells: The Emergent Complexity of Two Simple Fluid Systems. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Wolcott-MacCausland, Seth, 2000. Semantically-Based Misconceptions in Physics. (Robert Prigo)
  • Wolk, Jason, 2000. Functional Methods in Quantum Field Theory. (Jeffrey Dunham)

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