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Physics Senior Work: 2010 - present


  • Sasha Clarick, 2019. Optimizing Ferromagnetic Jij for Trapped 171Yb+ ions. (Paul Hess)

  • Sadie Coffin, 2019. Analysis of Hubble Images of the Host Galaxies of Red Quasars. (Eilat Glikman)

  • Diego Espino, 2019. Engineering an Aural Voltage Analyzer. Stephen Ratcliff)

  • Amanda R. Kirkeby, 2019. Bridging the Gap: The Mechanical and Electrical Design of a Hot-wire Detector. (Anne Goodsell)

  • Asher Lantz, 2019. Quantum Entanglement in a Spin Glass during the Adiabatic Algorithm. (Chris Herdman)

  • Jeffrey Ou, 2019.  Effects of Gravitational Sag on Spherically Symmetric Hollow Bose-Eistein Condensates. (Anne Goodsell)
  • Alejandro Martinez Perez, 2019. Analyzing Chaotic and Periodic States of a Nonlinear Mechanical Oscillator. (Jeffrey Dunham)

  • Karla Nunez, 2019. Is MRK231 a Local Red Quasar Analog? (Eilat Glikman)

  • Roo Weed, 2019. Configuration of a Raman Spectrometer for Art Historical Research. (Stephen Ratcliff)

  • Samuel Q. Wood, 2019. Hall Effect: A Tool for Undergraduate Research. (Susan Watson)


  • Zachary M. Berzolla, 2018. Modeling a Middlebury College Microgrid. (Rich Wolfson)
  • Noelle Blose, 2018. Floquet Topological Phase in PT-symmetric Lattices. (Noah Graham)
  • Graham Booth, 2018. Representing Quantum States with Neural Networks. (Noah Graham)
  • Gloria S. Breck, 2018. Fourier Analysis of Frequencies, Ascertaining Anharmonicity, and Explorations of Equal Temperament in The Well-Tempered Clavier. (Stephen Ratcliff)
  • Alex Browne, 2018. Applications of Dead Reckoning Technology in the Fire Service. (Stephen Ratcliff)
  • Bennett Doherty, 2018. Building an Automated Laser Alignment System. (Michael Durst)
  • Tyler Farrell, 2018. Reflective Enhancement of Snow on Solar Energy Production. (Tyler Farrell)
  • Michael Lally, 2018. Effect of Initial Cloud Size on Velocity Determined for Laser-Cooled Atoms. (Anne Goodsell)
  • Leo F. McElroy, 2018. Information Measures of Complexity Applied to the Ising Model. Automatic Differentiation for Numerical Geometric Constraint Solving. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Emma Moskovitz, 2018. Increasing Sample Rate to Improve Image Quality with a Two-Photon Laser Scanning Microscope. (Michael Durst)
  • Caroline B. Owen, 2018. Gravitational and Electromagnetic Radiation in Spherical Coordinators. (Noah Graham)
  • Nimrod Sadeh, 2018. Simulating a Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor in MATLAB. Emergence and Complexity in Reactor Engineering. (Noah Graham)
  • Avery Travis, 2018. Microwave Demonstrations for the Undergraduate Physics Classroom. (Stephen Ratcliff)
  • Jacob Volz, 2018. Numerical Studies of Entanglement for Particles Trapped in an Optical Lattice. (Chris Herdman)


  • Eduardo Alejandro, 2017. Characterizing Charged Coupled Device Cameras. (Stephen Ratcliff)

  • E. Noelle Blose, 2017. An Introduction to the Integer Quantum Hall Effect. (Noah Graham)

  • Milena Crnogorcevic, 2017. Probing Quasar/Galaxy Co-Evolution with OSIRIS. (Eilat Glikman)

  • Max deJong, 2017. Detection Electronics for Scanning Laser Microscopy. (Michael Durst)

  • Ian Delabie, 2017. Characterization of Frequency Generating Devices and Disciplination of Cesium Atomic Clocks. (Anne Goodsell)

  • Rene Gonzalez, 2017. Modeling Rubidium-85 Trajectories in Preparation for Ionizing-Wire Installation. (Anne Goodsell)

  • Gurlyn Singh Grewal, 2017. Integer Quantum Hall Effect in GaAs Heterostructure. (Susan Watson)

  • Jing He, 2017. Calibration of a Numerical Hydrodynamic Model of the Inland Sea in Lake Champlain. (Noah Graham)

  • Cole Hilscher, 2017. Searching for Dust-Reddened Quasars in Stripe 82. (Eilat Glikman)

  • Jovita Kar Ching Ho, 2017. Application of Savitsky-Golay Filters in Analyzing Chaotic Nonlinear Dynamics of a Damped, Driven, Chaotic Torsional Pendulum. (Jeffrey Dunham)

  • Noah Klammer, 2017. Smart Tracking to Increase the Efficiency of the Middlebury College Solar Farm. (Richard Wolfson)

  • Sarah Lake, 2017. Assembly of a Fiber-optic Probe for Raman Spectrographic Analysis. (Stephen Ratcliff)

  • Colin Laurence, 2017. Shaping Ultrashort Laser Pulses Using an Electrically Tunable Lens. (Michael Durst)

  • Larson Lovdal, 2017. Construting a Simple and Versatile Optical Tweezer. (Anne Goodsell)
  • Bryce McIntyre, 2017. Measurement of Magnetic Fields with a GaAs Quantum Hall Sensor. (Susan Watson)

  • Kirsten McNeil, 2017. Dispersion and Nonlinearities in Optical Fiber Delivery. (Michael Durst)

  • Alex Nichols, 2017. Adding Depolarization Measurements to Raman Spectroscopy. (Stephen Ratcliff)

  • Evan Patz, 2017. Effects of Magnetic Field on Measurements of Launched Rubidium-85 Atoms. (Anne Goodsell)

  • Asa Phillips, 2017. Parallel Programming and High Performance Computation: Analyzing Chaotic Data. (Jeffrey Dunham)

  • Vivian Sabla, 2017. Using the Crank-Nicolson Method to Numerically Model Nonlinear Wave Equations. (Noah Graham)

  • Felix Yanwei Wang, 2017. On the Efficiency of Bird-inspired Dual-wing Generator. (Richard Wolfson)

  • Alex Williamson, 2017. Reduction of GNIRS Cross-Dispersed Spectra for Dust Reddened Quasars. (Eilat Glikman)


  • Bracken, Robert, 2016. AGN X-ray Analysis: Development of Column Density Simulations Through Application of Clumpy Torus Model. (Eilat Glikman)
  • Conroy, Kevin, 2016. Zero Point Calibrations of the Middlebury College Observatory's CCD Camera. (Eilat Glikman)
  • Drobac, Alec, 2016. Predicting Optical Light Obscuration in Active Galactic Nuclei using Monte Carlo Simulation. (Eilat Glikman)
  • Egan, Spencer, 2016. Solitons and Oscillons in Lattice Field Theories. (Noah Graham)
  • Epstein, Jacob, 2016. Construction and Characterization of an Upright Two-Photon Microscope. (Michael Durst)
  • Erwin, Emma, 2016. Launching Laser-Cooled Atoms. (Anne Goodsell)
  • Feinberg, Eli, 2016. Quantum Bit Detection Schemes using Radio Frequency Reflectometry. (Susan Watson)
  • Friedrichs, Drew, 2016. A COMSOL Fluid Dynamics Evaluation of the R/V David Folger. (Rich Wolfson)
  • Ghimire, Biswash, 2016. Second-Order Parareal Algorithm in Mathematica. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Goodman, William, 2016. Fourier Transforms and Musical Chord Identification. (Noah Graham)
  • Gordon, Teddy, 2016. Detection Electronics for a Laser Scanning Microscope. (Michael Durst)
  • Judy, Michael, 2016. Optical Tweezers for Middlebury College. (Anne Goodsell)
  • Longo, Richard, 2016. Observing and Analyzing Laser-cooled Atoms. (Anne Goodsell)
  • Matt, Sebastian, 2016. Analyzing the Casimir Effect by Quantum Scattering. (Noah Graham)
  • Robey, Kyle, 2016. Characterization of a Temporal Focusing Microscope. (Michael Durst)
  • Ronan, James, 2016. Using Symmetry in Physics with Representations and Lie Groups. (Noah Graham)
  • Schaaf, Wilder Evans, 2016. Characterization of the Effects of Magnetic Field on Niobium Nitride Inductors. (Susan Watson)
  • Slotkin, Peter, 2016. Dark Matter in the Earth-Region. (Rich Wolfson)
  • Warner, Ross, 2016. Image Processing with Fourier Transforms. (Noah Graham)
  • Wojciechowicz, Matthew, 2016. An Integer Quantum Hall Effect in a GaAs Heterostructure. (Susan Watson)


  • Anderson, Benjamin, 2015. Solving the Equations of Stellar Structure with Mathematica. (Stephen Ratcliff)
  • Bakker, Noah, 2015. Quantized Conductance in Gold Wire. (Susan Watson)
  • Ballard, Jonathan, 2015. Creating a 3D Microscope Using Commerical Depth Sensors. (Michael Durst)
  • Egan, Spencer, 2015. Solitons and Oscillons in Gauge Invariant Lattice Field Theories. (Noah Graham)
  • Feinman, Jason Daniel Saunders, 2015. The Effects of Climate Change: Modeling Energy Consumption of Residential Buildings. (Rich Wolfson)
  • Habib, Adela, 2015. Spectral Energy Distributions of RED Quasars. (Eilat Glikman)
  • Henry, Brandon, 2015. The Random Field Ising Model and Applications to the Financial Markets. (Noah Graham)
  • Hobbie, Jacob, 2015. Numerical and Parallel Computation Techniques in Physics. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Hunsicker, John Quincy, 2015. Studies of the Energy Generating Mechanisms in Redshift Four Quasars. (Eilat Glikman)
  • Isaacs, Zack, 2015. The Integer Quantum Hall Effect in a GaAs Heterostructure. (Susan Watson)
  • Liang, Kevin, 2015. Spinors, Rotations, and the Foucault Pendulum. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • McIntyre, Colin Alex, 2015. Building a Laser Scanning Microscope. (Michael Durst)
  • Schiff, Adam R., 2015. Effects of Varying Metallicity in Solar-Like Stars. (Stephen Ratcliff)
  • Taft, Kristen, 2015. Analysis of Middlebury's Solar Tracker Array. (Rich Wolfson)
  • Wood, Jake, 2015. Modeling Numerical Solutions to Partial Differential Equations: A Study in Waves. (Noah Graham)


  • Beatty, Nate, 2014. Multimode Laser Wavelength Measurement. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Coughlin, Benjamin, 2014. Methods of Spin Decoupling in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Harper, Colleen, 2014. Preparing for Initial Observations of Laser-cooled Atoms. (Anne Goodsell)
  • Harvey, Duncan Peter, 2014. Raman Spectroscopy and Spectrograph Design. (Stephen Ratcliff)
  • Hemphill, Eric, 2014. Integer Quantum Hall Effect in a GaAs Heterostructure. (Susan Watson)
  • Henry, Brandon, 2014. Applications of Renormalization Group Theory to Random Field Markov Processes and Financial Markets. (Noah Graham)
  • Hughes, Philip M., 2014. Understanding Draker Data Acquisition on Middlebury’s Solar Farm. (Rich Wolfson)
  • Kjellstrand, Björn, 2014. An Introduction to the Renormalization Group and its Applications. (Noah Graham)
  • Lustgarten, Benjamin, 2014.  Building a Helium-Neon Laser and Analyzing Optical Properties. (Anne Goodsell)
  • Mailly, Madeline, 2014. Identifying Red Quasar Host Galaxy Morphologies. (Eilat Glikman)
  • Narawat, Poomirat (Drew), 2014. Re-pumping Laser Stabilization for Cooling Atoms. (Anne Goodsell)
  • Najarian, Maya Lin, 2014. Using Integral-Field Spectroscopy of Dust Obscured Quasars to Probe Quasar/Galaxy Co-Evolution. (Eilat Glikman)
  • Schaaf, Wilder Evans, 2014. Characterization of the Effects of Magnetic Field on Niobium Nitride Inductor. (Susan Watson)


  • Campbell, Kendrick, 2013. Emission-Line Images and Fluxes of CTB1, Milne 56, and CTB 109. (Frank Winkler)
  • Fitzpatrick, Mattias, 2013. Fast Readout of Gate-Defined Quantum Dots in One-Dimensional Structures. (Susan Watson)
  • Forrow, Aden, 2013.  The Variable-Phase Method in Dirac Scattering. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Gerschel, Misha, 2013. Designing and Building a Light-Sensitive Sun Tracker. (Rich Wolfson)
  • Grossman, Matthew, 2013. GPU Programming for Physics Applications. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Gyory, Will, 2013. Exploring Rotational Motion with Geometric Algebra. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Philip, Henry R., 2013. Implementation of Circuits for Laser Temperature Stability. (Anne Goodsell)
  • Putko, Joseph, 2013. Tycho's Supernova Remnant: Optical Proper Motions. (P. Frank Winkler)
  • Scully, Brendan Johannes, 2013. Modeling the Energy Output of Photovoltaic Systems. (Stephen Ratcliff)
  • Torman, Andrew, 2013. Heat Transfer with Application to Nuclear Reactors. (Rich Wolfson)
  • Weidner, Erik, 2013. Modelling Trajectories of Rydberg Atoms in an Electric Field. (Anne Goodsell)
  • Weigl, Dustin, 2013. Examining the Potential Difference Created at Resonant Frequencies in a Piezoelectric Material. (Rich Wolfson)
  • Wentz, Karly, 2013. Optimization of an Energy-Producing Spin Bike. (Stephen Ratcliff)


  • Andrews, Alison, 2012. Calibrating Images of Laser Cooling. (Anne Goodsell)
  • Ansari, Talha, 2012. The Curious Case of SR830: Mysterious Oscillations of the Lock-in Amplifier Output. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Basarab, Brett, 2012. Wormholes and Interstellar Travel. (Noah Graham)
  • Clement, Alexander, 2012. Designing a Stabilized Laser System for Laser Cooling. (Anne Goodsell)
  • Delaney, Marc, 2012. Searching for Supernova Remnants in Galaxy NGC 6946 through Deep High Resolution Imaging in Hα, S II and O III Emission Lines (Frank Winkler)
  • Ellis, Spencer, 2012. Effects of the Sunspot Cycle on U.S. Climate. (Richard Wolfson)
  • Fitzsimmons, Connor, 2012. Vacuum Chamber Design for a Magneto-Optical Trap. (Anne Goodsell)
  • Hathaway, Samuel, 2012. Identification of Isotopes Via Particle Track Measurement in a Diffusion Cloud Chamber. (Stephen Ratcliff)
  • Keiser, Andre, 2012. Modeling 3-D Magnetic Fields in the Solar Corona. (Richard Wolfson)
  • Kunz, Sabine, 2012. Solid State Hydrogen Storage. (Noah Graham)
  • Maroscher, Eli, 2012. Modeling Fractals in Stereoscopic 3D. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Montroy, John, 2012. Moving Towards Fiber Optics. (Anne Goodsell)
  • Ogren, Kristofer, 2012. The Coincidence Method in Nuclear Physics. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Schanz-Garbassi, Astrid, 2012. Properties of Piezoelectric Energy Generation. (Rich Wolfson)
  • Shaw, Erik, 2012. The Weak Field Zeeman Effect in Atomic Mercury and Argon. (Stephen Ratcliff)


  • Allen, Brent, 2011. Direct Detection of Gravitational Radiation. (Noah Graham)
  • Brown, Benjamin, 2011. Stellar Spectroscopy: Velocity Curves of Pulsating & Binary Starts with IRAF. (Stephen Ratcliff)
  • Curme, Chester, 2011. Critical Phenomena and Vehicular Traffic Models. (Noah Graham)
  • Garrett, John William, 2011. Visual Processing in the Eye. (Noah Graham)
  • Xuefeng Liao, Quincy, 2011. Models and Simulations of Ferromagnetic Hysteresis. (Stephen Ratcliff)
  • Martin, William Campbell, 2011. The Bionic Platypus: Design and Implementation of a Pectoral Rowing Autonomous Underwater Vehicle. (Susan Watson)
  • Mercer, Cameron M., 2011. Petrogenesis of Two New Eucrites from Northwest Africa: Evidence from Petrography, Mineral Chemistry, and Bulk Chemistry. (Anne Goodsell)
  • Stark, Thomas, 2011. The Road to Laser Cooling Rubidium Vapor. (Anne Goodsell)
  • Stensland, Jared, 2011. Measuring the Band Gaps of Silicon and Semiconducting Carbon Nanotubes. (Susan Watson)
  • Waite, Hannah, 2011. Building a Laser Harp. (Stephen Ratcliff)
  • Walker, Hilary, 2011. Tunneling Probability of the Simple Harmonic Oscillator. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Woods, Nathaniel, 2011. Gamma Ray Spectroscopy of Heavily Shielded Sources. (Jeffrey Dunham)


  • Aibar, Belfor Daniel, 2010. The Hall Effect: A Tool for Undergraduate Study. (Susan Watson)
  • Alidoust, Nasser, 2010. Torque Magnetometry In Niobium Thin Films And Stripe Phase LBCO. (Noah Graham)
  • Crow, Daniel E, 2010. Group Theory, Representation Theory And Their Applications In Physics. (Noah Graham)
  • Erwin, Jenny Rose, 2010. Small Scale Energy Harvesting: An Adaptation Of The Windbelt. (Susan Watson)
  • Freundlich, Charlie, 2010. How Green Is The Biomass Plant? (Rich Wolfson)
  • Jia, Eliot, 2010. Training a Hidden Markov Model for Speech Recognition. (Noah Graham)
  • Kennedy, Max Clayton, 2010. On Solar Asymmetric Bipoles and Coronal Mass Ejections. (Rich Wolfson)
  • Khan, Shujaat Ali, 2010. Modeling Chaos And Periodicity In A Driven Torsional Pendulum. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Luby, Michael, 2010. On The Feasibility Of Transmitting Jet Stream Wind Power Via A Long Cylindrical Belt. (Rich Wolfson)
  • Muhlhausen, Tom, 2010. Constructing Practical Circuits For Simple Chaotic Equations. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Robertson, Hannah I., 2010. The Physics of Timbre: Multi-Instrument Pitch Separation and Identification. (Noah Graham)
  • Rosenblatt, Anna, 2010. Visual Processing: Optimizing A Basis. (Noah Graham)
  • Wood, Micah, 2010. Effects Of Substrate Synthesis On Nanotube Conductance. (Susan Watson)


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