Course Listing by Subfield


PSCI 0102 The American Political Regime
PSCI 0104 Introduction to American Politics
PSCI 0203 The Media as a Political Institution
PSCI 0206 The American Presidency
PSCI 0208 The Politics of the US Congress
PSCI/ENVS 0211 Conservation and Environmental Policy
PSCI 0213 Congress and the Presidency
PSCI 0215 Federalism, State and Local Politics
PSCI 0305 American Constitutional Law: The Federal System
PSCI 0306 American Constitutional Law: Individual Rights
PSCI 0310 American Public Policy
PSCI 0312 Bureaucracy
PSCI 0344/0444 Race, Sex and the Constitution
PSCI 0402 The Constitution in Wartime
PSCI 0421 Seminar on American Environmental Politics
PSCI 0425 Seminar on the American Presidency
PSCI 0429 Seminar on the U.S. Congress
PSCI 0465 City Politics
PSCI 0495 Seminar on Money and Politics


PSCI 0109 (was 0201) International Politics
PSCI 0214 International Environmental Politics
PSCI 0226 The European Union
PSCI 0229 The U.S. and the New Europe
PSCI 0236 International Law
PSCI 0242 International Politics and WMD
PSCI/INTL 0250 International Diplomacy and Modern South Asia
PSCI 0251 Identity and Conflict in South Asia
PSCI 0258 The Politics of International Humanitarian Action
PSCI 0260 The Political Economy of Drug Trafficking
PSCI 0303 US-Latin American Relations
PSCI 0304 International Political Economy
PSCI 0307 The Politics of Virtual Realities
PSCI 0311 American Foreign Policy
PSCI 0316 Chinese Foreign Policy
PSCI 0322 War and Peace
PSCI/FREN 0350 Franco-American Relations
PSCI/FREN 0353 French Foreign Policy
PSCI 0380 International Relations of East Asia
PSCI 0404/ Jihad vs. McWorld: The Political Economy of Globalization
INTL 0442
PSCI 0405 Causes of War
PSCI 0412 Seminar on Diplomacy
PSCI 0417 Seminar on the European Union
PSCI 0437 Understanding Intervention
PSCI 0449 Chinese Foreign Policy
PSCI 0456 International Order in the 20th Century: Theories and Practice
PSCI 0457 Nonstate Actors in World Politics


PSCI 0103 Introduction to Comparative Politics
PSCI 0202 African Politics
PSCI 0209 Local Green Politics
PSCI 0217 Politics of the Middle East and North Africa
PSCI 0221 Contemporary Chinese Politics
PSCI 0225 West European Politics
PSCI 0227 Soviet and Russian Politics
PSCI 0228 East European Politics
PSCI 0238 Political Economy of Globalization in Latin America: The Mexican Case
PSCI 0240 Race Around the World: The Comparative Politics of Ethnic Diversity
PSCI 0324 The Political Development of Western Europe
PSCI 0327 East Asian Democracy
PSCI 0330 Comparative Development Strategies
PSCI 0335 Latin American Revolutions
PSCI 0347 Theories of Comparative Politics
PSCI/FREN 0351 Presidents of the Fifth Republic
PSCI 0378 Civil Conflict in Africa and the Middle East
PSCI 0413 Mass Media and Democratization
PSCI 0415 Democracy and Development in Latin America
PSCI 0416 Latin American Political Development (in Spanish)
PSCI 0424 Seminar on Comparative Democratization
PSCI 0430 Political Economy and Globalization in Latin America: The Mexican Case
PSCI 0431 Seminar on African Government: The Political Economy of the Neo-Patrimonial State
PSCI 0438 Political Islam
PSCI 0450 Ethnic Conflict
PSCI 0454 Leadership: Politics and Personality
PSCI 0460 Seminar on West European Politics


PSCI 0101 Introduction to Political Philosophy
PSCI 0107 Politics and the Studies of Politics
PSCI 0235 Ethics and War
PSCI 0245 Power and Powerlessness
PSCI 0309/ Risk and Late Modernity: Politics, Culture and Danger
SOAN 0309
PSCI 0317 Ancient and Medieval Political Philosophy
PSCI 0318 Modern Political Philosophy
PSCI 0333/0433 Politics, Philosophy, and Education
PSCI 0368 Frontiers in Political Science Research
PSCI 0401 Modern and Post-Modern Political Thought
PSCI 0409 Seminar on Political Philosophy: Aristotle's Political Science



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