COVID-19 Updates: Fall Semester

Department News

Assistant Professor Ajay Verghese has published “Taking Other Religions Seriously: A Comparative Survey of Hindus in India” in Politics and Religion.

Associate Professor Jessica Teets and her colleague Nele Noesselt have published “The State of the Field for Governance and Policy Innovation in China” in the Journal of Chinese Governance. 

Associate Professor Sarah Stroup has published “NGOs and States in Global Politics” in

Charles A. Dana Professor Murray Dry has published “The Debate Over the Ratification of the Constitution: The Federalists v the Anti-Federalists,” in Will Jordan’s edited volume From Reflection and Choice: The Political Philosophy of the Federalist Papers and The Ratification Debate.

Stafford Professor Christopher Klyza has published “Power, Partisanship, and Contingency: The President and U.S. Environmental Policy,” in the Handbook of U.S. Environmental Policy.

Knox Professor and Provost
Jeffrey Cason and colleagues Christopher B. Barrett and Erin C. Lentz have published the 3rd edition of their edited volume “Overseas Research: A Practical Guide,” which also contains a field narrative by Assistant Professor Ajay Verghese.

Professor Matthew Dickinson has published “Guarding the Emperor’s New Clothes: OMB, the Presidency, and the ‘Problem’ of Neutral Competence in the Era of Trump” in Meena Bose and Andrew Rudalevige’s edited volume Executive Policymaking: The Role of the OMB in the Presidency.

Professor Matthew Dickinson has also published “The Presidency and Congress” in Michael Nelson’s edited volume The Presidency and the Political System.

Charles A. Dana Professor Erik Bleich, colleague A. Maurits van der Veen, and students Mira Chugh, Adrienne Goldstein, Amelia Pollard, and Varsha Vijayakumar have published “Afro-Pessimist or Africa Rising? US Newspaper Coverage of Africa, 1994–2018” in Journalism Studies.

Assistant Professor Sebnem Gumuscu and her colleague Berk Esen have published “Why did Turkish democracy collapse? A political economy account of AKP’s authoritarianism” in Party Politics.

Associate Professor Keegan Callanan has been selected as the John and Daria Barry Foundation Visiting Fellow with the James Madison Program on American Ideals and Institutions at Princeton during the 2020-21 academic year.

Political Science Department grad Hasher Nisar ‘16.5 and Charles A. Dana Professor Erik Bleich have published “Group status, geographic location, and the tone of media coverage: Jews and Muslims in New York Times and Guardian Headlines, 1985–2014” in Comparative Migration Studies.

Assistant Professor Orion Lewis and his colleague Deyong Ma have published “Personality, media choice and political ideology: explaining ideological pluralism in China” in Democratization.

Political Science Department grad Neha Sharma ‘19 and Charles A. Dana Professor Erik Bleich have published “Freedom of Expression, Public Morals, and Sexually Explicit Speech in the European Court of Human Rights” in Constitutional Studies.

Assistant Professor Sebnem Gumuscu and her colleague Berk Esen have published “Killing Competitive Authoritarianism Softly: The 2019 Local Elections in Turkey” in South European Society and Politics.

Russell J. Leng ’60 Professor Allison Stanger has published Whistleblowers: Honesty in America from Washington to Trump with Yale University Press.

Associate Professor Keegan Callanan has been appointed to the National Council of the Humanities.

Charles A. Dana Professor Erik Bleich has been elected to the Council of the American Political Science Association.

Associate Professor Jessica Teets and Assistant Professor Orion Lewis have published “The Innovative Personality? Policymaking and Experimentation in an Authoritarian Bureaucracy” in Public Administration and Development.

Associate Professor Amy Yuens article “Negotiating Peacekeeping Consent: Information and Peace Outcomes” has been published in the Journal of Peace Research.

Associate Professor Sarah Stroup and her co-author Wendy Wong have been awarded the ARNOVA Outstanding Book award for their 2017 book The Authority Trap.