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Thesis Abstracts (2007-on)
 Year Student Advisor Thesis Title

Katrina Drury                                                        

DiBianca Fasoli

Questions are important, right? The socialization of children's knowledge through mother's and father's questions

 Year Student Advisor Thesis Title

Alison Kraner                                       


Does the Self-Administered Interview Protect Against MisInformation?


Emma Shumway


The Effect of Moral Foundations Framing and Political Identity Priming on Environmental Attitudes in Conservatives

2018Cassandra Wanna                                                       Seehuus

A house is not a home: Modeling the effects of pre-migration and post-migration factors within resettled refugee populations

 Year Student Advisor Thesis Title

Sarah Caffry


Moderators of Self-Compassion as it Relates to Pre-Social Compassion and Helping Intentions


Amanda Haik


Third Party Perceptions of Infidelity Based on Gender of the Cheater and Type of Infidelity: Using Same Sex Couples

2017Kristen Regenauer                         DiBianca Fasoli

Is Moral Disengagement Contagious? The Effects of Peers on Moral Disengagement

2017Kaitlyn KuvalankaKimble

The Symbolic War: Perceptions of Military Veteran Employability in the Civilian Workforce

2017Emily MellonKimble

Negative Cognitions & PTSD: USing N400 and Reaction Time Measurements to Assess Semantic Expectancy Biases in Trauma Survivors

 Year Student Advisor Thesis Title

Hana Gratch                                          


Leadership Aspirations, Perceived Career Barriers, and Social Support in College-Age Women


Lauren Henry


Impact of Need Satisfaction on Collegiate Athlete's Motivation, Performance, Committment & Well-being

2016Ashley LeungGurland

Effects of Motivational Context on Incidental Word Learning

2016Steven Kasparek                                                         VelezUnderstanding Academic Self-Concept in College Students: The Relationship between Race, Socioeconomic Status and Perceived Economic Disadvantage
 Year Student Advisor Thesis Title

Brendan Cullen (NSCI)


EEG correlates of self-reference in meditators and non-meditators


Evan Gallagher (NSCI)


What's good, what's bad, and what's ugly? The impact of stress on our perceptions of morality

2015Ben Mansky (NSCI)Parker

Variation in ethanol sensitivity in the Diversity Outbred mouse population: Implications for genome-wide association mapping

2015Mackenzie MartinGurland

How self-affirmation affects academic outcomes for stereotyped groups: Feedback and help-seeking as possible mechanisms?

2015Claire NishiokaVelez

Race, feelings and faces: The effects of emotional states on the presence of own race bias in emotion recognition

2015Rita Pfeiffer (NSCI)Kimble

Expressive writing and language fluency: Implications for first-year college students

2015Cade Schregger (NSCI)Kimble

The long road home: Evaluating perceptions of combat veterans – An IAT/EEG study

2015Taylor Taylor    (NSCI)                          Parker

Measuring conditioned fear in the Diversity Outbred mouse population: Implications for identifying genes associated with PTSD in humans?

YearStudentAdvisorThesis Title
2014Rebecca CrochiereVelez

The Effect of Stereotype Threat on the Experience of Flow

2014Rachel Fowler (NSCI)Kimble

The Effect of PTSD and Childhood Trauma on Negative Expectancy Bias: an N400 Study

2014Abigail Karp (ES Conservation Psych)McCauley

The Effect of Goal Setting and Reminders on Environmental Behavior

2014Nuttida Rungratsameetaweemana (NSCI)Arndt

The Influence of Internal and External Arousal on Memory

2014Sara Sobolewski (NSCI)Kimble

Examining Negative Expectancy Biases in PTSD using the N400 ERP Response

 Year Student Advisor Thesis Title
2013Danielle BakerMcCauleyNature Immersion and Breathing Exercise Effects on Directed Attention and Stress
2013Caitlin BarrettBaldridgeCommunication and Hookup Satisfaction Among College Students
2013Olivia BlahutMcCauleyTo Give or Not to Give? Basic Psychological Need Satisfaction and Contributions to the Public Good
2013Mariam BoxwalaGurlandInternalization in a Religious Setting: Examining the effects of social facilitators in sermons on participants' internalization of a pro-social behavior
2013Marea ColomboHoferHot Cognition and Theory of Mind
2013Emily DodgeGurlandMiddle School Students' Evaluations of the Effectiveness of Autonomy-Supportive Versus Controlling Teachers
2013Kyle Harrold (NSCI)StefaniThe Effect of an α2 Subunit Selective GABAA Receptor Agonist on Cognitive Flexibility in a Rat Model of Schizophrenia
 2013Amanda MulliganBaldridgeLet's Talk About Sex: Factors Associated with College Students' Sexual Communication Apprehension
2013Shannon MuscatelloVelezRose-Colored Glasses or Prescription Lenses: Self-Enhancement and Self-Verification in Friends With Benefits Relationships and Dating
2013Deirdre Sackett (NSCI)StefaniEffect of NMDA Receptor Blockade, Neurosteroid, and Response Option on Performance of a Task Measuring Cognitive Flexibility in Rats
2013Angela SanteeMcCauleyA Self-Determination Theroy Perspective on Communication with Children in the Interview Setting: The Importance of Psychological Need Support
YearStudentAdvisorThesis Title
2012Michelle AltoGurlandHow Full is Your Bucket?  Testing a Socio-Emotional Learning Program
2012Emily BennettCollaerFinding Your Way: The Effects of Sex and Stress on Human Spatial Navigation Abilities
2012Jocelyn Breton (NSCI)ArndtRelational and Item Specific Processing in the Testing Effect: Effects of Retrieval Difficulty
2012Ellen DahlbergBaldridgeAn Investment Model Analysis of Friends With Benefits Relationships
2012Jamie Harisiades (NSCI)ArndtPsychophysiological Arousal Response at Encoding and Retrieval for Emotionally Arousing Words
2012Sarah HarneyMcCauleyThe Effects of Rapport and Autonomy support on Children's Food Recall
2012Melissa Hayes (NSCI)CroniseThe Effect of HDAC Inhibition on the Extinction of Conditioned Tolerance to Hypothermic Effects of Alcohol and the Resulting Changes in BrdU Cell Labeling
2012Amy Johnson (NSCI)StefaniThe Effects of Pregnenolone Sulfate in the Medial Prefrontal Cortex on Cognitive Flexibility in a Rat Model of Schizophrenia
2012Claire McIlvennieMcCauleyIndividually Helping the Environment Together: Relatedness, Social Norms, and the Attitude-Behavior Gap
2012Lisa MulcahyHoferThe Influence of Disciplinary Knowledge on Epistemic Belief Change within a Domain
2012Holly O'DonnellHoferFirst-Year College Students' Use of Facebook and the Transition to College
2012Sara WoodworthBaldridgeHookups as a Context for Relationship Initiation Among College Students
2012Nina Wright (NSCI)StefaniThe role of Septohippocampal Hypocretin Transmission in Declarative Memory Acquisition and Consolidation
AdvisorThesis Title
2011Adam DedeArndtDifferentiating Between Models of Familiarity and Recollection Interaction: an Event-Related Potential Study
2011Stephanie HalgrenGoetz

I Know What You Did, but I’ll Help You Anyway: Predicting Prosocial Behavior with Causal Controllability and Genetic Relatedness

2011Stephen Jewell Goetz

Compassion and Economic Decisions: Incidentally Promoting Cooperation in a Trust Game

2011Kevin MadoreMcCauley

Eliciting Children’s Food and Movement Recall: Can the Interviewer’s Questions Make a Difference?

2011Evan Masseau (NSCI)Stefani

Role of Septohippocampal Orexin Transmission in Memory Acquisition and Consolidation during Novel Object Recognition Task

2011Jonas SchoenefeldMcCauley

The Beast in the Backyard: Impacts of Local Climate Change Information and Values on Pro-Environmental Behavior and Climate Policy Support


Cloe Shasha


Promoting Far Transfer with the Testing Effect: Learning Mathematical Probability Principles to Solve Analogical Word Problems


Ruby Ward (NSCI)


The Effects of Cannabinoid Receptor Blockade in the Medial Prefrontal Cortex on Cognitive Flexibility in a Rat Model of Schizophrenia


Nichole Wyndham

Augustus Jordan

Earning the “Right” to be Bad: Environmental Behaviors and the Moral Licensing Effect

YearStudentAdvisorThesis Title
2010Aviva BannermanGurlandBehavioral Effects of Unique Perspective Taking Methods in Mildly Aggressive Situations between Strangers: A Casual Approach
2010Elizabeth BaconKimbleAn Eye Tracking Study of Attention in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
2010Kelly BennionArndtRecognition Memory and the Testing Effect: Does Recollection Make a Difference?
2010Carolyn BirskyCampbellPredicting the Psychological Effects of College Women’s Hookup Experiences
2010Amber HarrisHoferKnowing Who and What to Believe: Examining the Relationship between Epistemic Beliefs and Motivation during Adolescence
2010Kat HartleyMcCauleyFriendly Persuasion: Considering How and When Social Norms Motivate Pro-Environmental Behavior
2010Julia KimKimbleFacial Processing Strategies of Children With and Without Autism Spectrum Disorders
2010Yuki ShinodaGurlandWhat Determines How Teachers Respond to Students’ Problems? Examining the Effects of Perspective-Taking, Attributions, and Emotions
2010Kelly StewartKimbleEffects of Writing on Depression, Anxiety, and Visual Attention
2010Caleigh WaldmanMcCauleyThe Relationship Between Childhood Experiences and Adult Environmental Behavior
2010Yuki YoshidaMcCauleySo, you want to save the earth?  Start with your interpersonal relationships
YearStudentAdvisorThesis Title
2009Emer FeigheryStefaniThe Effect of Allopregnanolone on Cognitive Flexibility in a Rat Model of Schizophrenia
2009Jenny KurlandKimbleAn Eye-Tracking Study of Attentional Biases in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
2009Ashton LehmannStefaniThe Effects of Prefrontal Cannabinois Receptor Blockade on Cognitive Flexibility in a Rat Model for Schizophrenia
2009Cordelia RossKimblePTSD and Semantic Expectancy: An N400 Study
2009Ari SilvermanVelezFrom First Base Around to Home: Relationship Outcomes as a Function of Hookup Intimacy Levels and Personality Dimensions
2009Catherine TimminsHoferStill Connected?: A Longitudinal Analysis of Emerging Adult-Parent Communication and Relationships after College
2009Julia TomaskoArndtComparing Strategies to Reduce the Social Misinformation Effect
2009Margaret WhitakerLangrockMother-Child Reading of Emotion-Themed Picture Books: Age Differences and Associations with Emotion Understanding
YearStudentAdvisorThesis Title
2008Yan BababekovKimbleThe P300 Event-Related Potential and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
2008Alex DeLisiJordanChanges in Understanding and Acceptance of Evolutionary Theory: A Two-Year Study
2008Priyanjali DevanStefaniSweet Memories: An enhancing effect of glucose on learning and cognition?
2008Jessie EvangelistaGurlandThe Effects of Socioeconomic Status on Teacher-Student Relationship Quality
2008Katie FisherVelezDescribing Heterosexually-Identified Young Adults with Same-Sex Inclinations
2008Amelia GoffLangrockParent-Child Shared Book Reading: Differences in Discrete Emotion Discussions
2008Mercedes HuffStefaniThe Role of Insular Cortex in Cognitive Flexibility
2008Libby MarksKimbleExamining semantic expectancy in trauma survivors using the N400
2008Elise TarbiCollaerDoes the way you PAY ATTENTION influence your spatial abilities?
2008Caitlin TaylorMcCauleyAdults’ Perceptions of a Child’s Recall: What Matters?
YearStudentAdvisorThesis Title
2007Laura BatterinkKimbleN400 ERP Response as a Measurement of Semantic Expectancy in Trauma Survivors
2007Katherine BelonChoHow Much Do People Worry? Everyday Worry, Gender, and Perceptions of Worry in the Parent-Child Relationship
2007Molly BowmanKimbleSymptomological Predictors of P300 Characteristics in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
2007Alex CitrinLangrockChildren’s Memory Project: The Effect of Time Segmentation Training on Children’s Recall
2007Rachel FongStefaniNeurochemical Mechanisms of Glucose-Induced Cognitive Enhancement: Interaction Between Glucose and Dopamine Receptor Subtypes
2007Nancy FullmanHoferParents on Speed Dial: The Psychological Implications of Frequent Student-Parent Communication in Emerging Adulthood
2007Laura KwohChoIt Comes with the Territory: Exploring Parental Worries of Mothers and Fathers of Kindergarten-aged Children
2007Charlene LamLangrockThe Role of Hope in Coping with Collegiate Stress
2007Jeff LamGurlandAn Examination of Self-Determination Theory in the Workplace
2007Heather VianiMcCauleyThe Effect of Question Phrasing and Associative Memory on Children’s Recall
2007Ben WiechmanGurlandAssessing the Durability of the Undermining Effect: The Impact of Extrinsic Reqards on College Students’ Intrinsic Motivation
YearStudentAdvisorThesis Title
2006Elizabeth AllenLangrockThe Role of Individual Differences in Children's Recall of an Experienced Event
2006Kelly BoyleLangrockThe development of emotional literacy: Parent-child emotion discourse in the context of shared book reading
2006Hannah DelongMcCauleyA Comparison of Interview Protocols on Children's Recall
2006Katie DevineArndtAre Two Heads Better Than One?: Collaborative Inhibition of Recall
2006Ted GarberOsborneDo people exhibit environmental preferences: Testing whether environmental consequences alter risk preferences
2006Victoria GlowackyGurlandDeveloping and Validating a Measure of Children's Lay Theories of Motivation
2006Erika GoldHoferA Cross-Cultural Study of US and Japanese Teachers' Beliefs about Students' Abilities: Innate or Learned?
2006Megan GuffinVelezPredicting Hookup Behaviors: The Relative Role of Social Norm Misperception in the Decision to Hookup
2006Rebecca GuilletArndtTaboo Words: The Effect of Emotion on Memory for Peripheral Details
2006Virginia HarrColemanEffects of stereotype threat on group disidentification for women and math
2006Sheena JamesChoMothers' and Fathers' Beliefs about and Affective Experiences with Discipline
2006Rebecca KaufmanRootThe Role of Anxiety and Physiological Arousal in Advantageous Decision-Making
2006Elena KennedyHoferThe 'Electronic Tether': The Influence of Frequent Parental Contact on the Development of Autonomy and Self-Regulation in Emerging Adulthood
2006Christopher KingMcCauleyChild Eyewitness Identification Accuracy from Simultaneous, Sequential, and Elimination Lineups
2006Andrada NeacsiuKimbleAlcohol, Hooking Up and Sex: What can go wrong?
2006Morgan PrustKimbleThe Purely Emotional Iowa Gambling Task: The Effects of Fear on Unconscious Decision-Making
2006Siobhan RedmondLangrockChildren's Memory Project: The Nature of Rapport-Building and Its Effect on Recall
2006Jessica RossCollaerHow the Association Between an Ambient Odor and Failure Influences Performance of Rats on a Discrimination Task
2006Elizabeth SchaumbergOsborneA Green Class?: Socioeconomic class differences in environmental attitudes and behaviors
2006Connor SindelCroniseSensitization to the locomotor stimulating effects of ethanol can be altered by contextually conditioned in DBA/2J mice
2006John StewartCollaerSex Differences in Visuospatial Tasks: Effect of Reference Cues on Line Judgment
2006Molly VaughnVelezA Cross-cultural Examination of the Role of Social Norms in College Students' Casual Sexual Experiences: Spain and the US
2006Leah WildengerHoferTheory of Mind and Domain Specificity of Epistemological Thought in 3- to 5-Year-Old Children
YearStudentAdvisorThesis Title
2005Allison BellHoferChoice or No Choice? Investigating the Cross-Cultural Differences in Educational Motivation
2005Cortney FritzLangrockMotivational Orientation and Perceived Control in Students with Learning Disabilities
2005Katherine HicksMcCauleyInvestigating the Role of Alcohol on Perceptions of Domestic Violence
2005Catherine HilemanCampbellAmbivalence About Sexual Behavior Among College Students: Correlates with Relationship Status, Gender, and Attachment Style
2005Jessica HornerMcCauleyThe Moderating Effects of Age, Verbal Ability, and Interview Type on the Accuracy of Children's Memory Retrieval
2005Amy JosephsonMcCauleyNeed for Cognition and Issue Involvement as Moderators of Framing Effects in Social Workers' Decisions about Child Welfare
2005Lauren KingGurlandGetting the Creative Juices Flowing: The Influence of Personality and Environment on Creativity
2005Susanna PreziosiLangrockPushing and Name-Calling: A Developmental Comparison of Child and Parental Perceptions of Hurtfulness in Aggressive Behaviors
YearStudentAdvisorThesis Title
2004Allison DiBiancaJordanPsychotherapy, the Self, and Morality: Recognizing Psychotherapy's Role in American Society as Moral Discourse and Re-envisioning its Future
2004Jen EggebrotenOsborneWho Put a Soda Can in the Trash? Predicting Environmental Behavior in Addison County
2004Christine GouldArndtThe Effects of Repetition and Retrieval Speed on False Memory
2004Melissa MaxwellJordanThe Communication of Support in Romantic Relationships: Effects of Gender and Power
2004Laura ReidArndtUsing a Bilingual Stroop Task to Investigate Intra- and Interlingual Interference in Novice Children and Novice Adult Bilinguals
2004Larissa RobtoyLangrockA Comparison of Adolescent Girls' and their Mothers' Perceptions of Parental Control at the Transitions to Middle and High School
2004Jenelle SlavinMcCauleyThe Effects of Skin Color and Accent on Hispanic Witnesses' Credibility
2004Ben SpitzHoferLanguage as a Cultural Prime: Differing Self-Construals among Bicultural Puerto Ricans
2004Julie StevensCampbellThe Role of Gender in Same-Sex and Platonic Opposite-Sex Friendships
2004Claire StudwellCollaerMaze Madness: Sex Differences in Spatial Ability and Navigation
YearStudentAdvisorThesis Title
2003Margaret AleksMcCauleyEffects of socioeconomic status on child placement assignments in a case involving domestic violence
2003Blake BarkinRiessType of secondary school and disordered eating in first-year female undergraduates: Boarding versus Day, Co-educational versus Single-Sex, Public versus Private
2003Sonali DesaiRiessIdealized cartoon characters' effects on children's body image
2003Gillian FinocanCampbell & JordanWho do you turn to in times of trouble? Preferences for men or women as sources of empathy and advice.
2003Jamie HessNeuroscienceUnpacking 'Theory of Mind' : The interface of Philosophy, Psychology, psychiatry and Neuroscience
2003Sarah OhleLangrockEarly adolescents coping with academic stress and the D.C. sniper shootings: The role of stress responses in mediating the association between stress and adjustment.
2003Jess SalernoMcCauleyThe effect of cross-examination, deliberation and need for cognition of jurors' ability to distinguish between good and bad scientific expert testimony
2003Katie ZiembaLangrockCan we work together? Associations between friendship qualities and cooperative problem solving in elementary school-aged girls.
YearStudentAdvisorThesis Title
2002Lisa BennettVelezAlcohol Expectancies and Attributions: What We Think When Other People Drink.
2002Patricia BigginsJordanThe Effects of Experimenter versus Participant Control on the Completion of a Therapy-Like Task
2002Lynette CassidyHelreichAnimal Models of Human Depression: The Effects of Imipramine on the Porsolt Swim Test and the Effects of Dexamethasone on Corticosterone Secretion
2002Jamie CedergreenCampbellAttachment Style as a Predictor of Ideal Standards in Romantic Relationships
2002Tasha EurichCampbellSelf-Esteem, Attachment Style, and Conflict as Predictors of Social Comparison in Relationship Evaluation
2002Jennifer GoralnickCollaerDo Differences in Hemispheric Lateralization Explain Sex Differences in Line Judgment?
2002Kimberly GuionMcCauleyWhen do We Remove a Child from an Abusive Home? The Effects of Outcome Framing on Decision-Making?
2002MarYam HamedaniHoferDelineating the Dialectic: A Cultural and Developmental Perspective on Personal Epistemology
2002Emily KernerLangrockCoping With Collegiate Stress: A Proposed Model of Stress Responses as Mediators of the Association Between Stress and Adjustment Problems
2002Jessica MonroeHoferCompetitive and Noncompetitive Performance Goals: Effects on Performance and Intrinsic Motivation
2002Jessica St. JohnCampbellGay Men, Sexual Exclusivity, and Commitment: An Investment Model Approach to Assessing Civil Unions in Vermont
YearStudentAdvisorThesis Title
2001Jean BurrHoferPersonal Epistemology and Theory of Mind: Disentangling Young Children’s Beliefs About Knowledge and Knowing
2001Leslie FoxCampbellSelf-Disclosure in Internet Interactions: The Impact of Gender, Anonymity, and Future Interactions
2001Jeremy FriedCampbellMotivations and Emotional Responses of Casual Sexual Behavior as Related to Sex and Sociosexuality
2001Celeste GauthierMcCauleyAssessing Rapport Building Techniques as a Way to Enhance Preschoolers' Recall Memory
2001Kate GriffithsRiessSocial Physique Anxiety and Eating Attitudes in College Females: The Influence of Sex Role and College Dormitory Settings
2001Kelly KnappSmithSelf-Assessed Friendship Quality of Early Adolescents with and without Learning Disabilities
2001Meredith LivotiMcCauleyEffects of Moral Culpability and Alcohol Expectancies on the Decisions of Guilt in a Domestic Violence Case
2001Yasmin MahalOsborneAlterations in Nesting Behaviors of Rats After Fornix Transection and Administration of ACTH(4-9)
2001Courtney QuishMcCauleyUsing the Cognitive Interview as a Source Monitoring Interview for Child Eyewitnesses
2001Rachel RackowCampbellSocialization and Social Identity: An Integrative Approach to the Study of Racism in German Fraternities
2001Jessica StahlJordanGetting By With a Little Help from Friends: College Students and Counseling Skill Use in Same-Sex Best Friend Pairs
YearStudentAdvisorThesis Title
2000Colleen BramhallCampbellPredictors of Recall Discrepancies Elicited by the Masculine Generic Pronoun: The Role of Self-Reference and Attitudes Toward Women
2000Dana DunleavyCollaerThe Effects of Music Exposure on Spatial-Temporal Reasoning: A Comparison of Musicians and Non-Musicians
2000Jennifer KendrewRiessFaulty Thinking, Faulty Eating? Cognitive Biases in Disordered Eating among Female Undergraduates
2000Lisa LabonteHoferThe Brother of the Box: The Effects of Disrupting the Flow of Expository Text
2000Jme McLeanCollaerHemispheric Lateralization and Chinese Character Perception: A Cross Fluency Study
2000Alina WojnarVelezConsumer-Decision Making as a Function of Risk, Involvement, and Frame
2000Michelle YoungMcCauleyThe Relation among Environmental Attitudes and Presentation of Outcome on Legal Decision Making
YearStudentAdvisorThesis Title
1999Jessica BlakeSmithHow Affect and Frame Influence Decisions Involving Risk
1999Elizabeth BurnsSmithFactors Influencing Children's Choices: Frame, Age, and Situation
1999Elizabeth HuffmanCollaerCategory Specific fMRI Response During the Visual Processing of Sad and Neutral Facial Expressions
1999Julianne KrulewitzMcCauleyAssessing how Jurors' Environmental Attitudes are Related to Decision Making
1999Elizabeth MannJordanThe Effect of Parental Attachments on College Students' Sexual Behavior
1999Angenie McClearyRiessReactions of Loved Ones to Traumatic Loss
1999Larry McDermottCollaerDifferential Effects of Pubertal Alcohol Exposure on Male and Female Rats
1999Johannah NikulaSmithThe Influence of Non-diagnostic Information in Children's Decision Making
1999Christina Norris-WattsCampbellThe Role of the Self-Schema in Interpersonal Judgments
1999Leah SchaefferJordanThe Impact of Parental-Adolescent Conflict on College Adjustment
1999Amy SimpsonMcCauleyThe Effects of High Rape Myth Acceptance on Jury Decision Making
1999Jessica WrightsmanCampbellHome Versus Hospital Birth: Predictors of College Women's Birth Setting Preference

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