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 Harvard Stress Development Lab RA Ad

An experienced, independent, andhighly-organized individual is sought for a full-time ResearchCoordinator position in the Stress and Development Laboratory at Harvard UniversityPsychology Department, run by Katie McLaughlin, PhD.The position will begin inlate spring orearly summer 2021.Our research examines the impact of environmental experience on children’sdevelopment. Mostof our studies are focused on identifying developmental mechanisms linking adverse environmental experiences to the onset of psychopathology.

 Stroud Lab Research Assistant

Full-Time Clinical Research Assistant: Data Management & Coding Focus
Brown Alpert Medical School BA/BS Required

 NYU IDEAS2 Research Assistant

The Research Assistant will have opportunities to work on a variety of projects within a newly funded NIMH Center for Research on Implementing and Disseminating Accelerator Strategies in States to Improve Systems Serving Children, Youth, and Families (IDEAS2) (PI and Director: K. Hoagwood). Our work focuses on improving the scaling of policy-relevant and evidence-based health and mental health services across multiple systems serving children and families nationwide. The RA will be expected to work collaboratively with a group of state and national research collaborators, research program staff within the IDEAS2 group in the Dept of Child/Adolescent Psychiatry, OMH personnel, and other participants in our projects. The RA will work on several research projects to develop and test implementation accelerants that improve child and family outcomes. There is also the potential for work on a statewide training program in evidence based practices for use in children’s mental health treatment settings, and a project examining the use of equine-facilitated cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for youth with symptoms of anxiety.

 Johns Hopkins Research Assistant II

The Research Program Assistant II will be responsible for coordination of clinical and translational research program, mainly including the coordination in the recruitment of research subjects for multiple studies, under the supervision of the PI.

 University of Delaware - Lab Manager

The Communication Sciences and Disorders Program at the University of Delaware is seeking a full-time Limited Term Researcher (i.e., lab manager/coordinator), under the supervision of Drs. Giovanna Morini and Sayako Earle. The successful candidate will work jointly in the Speech Language Acquisition & Multilingualism (SLAM) and Memory & Perception of Speech (MAPS) labs.

 Research Assistant - Framingham Heart Study

Research assistant in neuropsychology with the renowned Framingham Heart Study. Our offices are located in Framingham, MA but we are a part of the departments of Anatomy & Neurobiology, Neurology and Epidemiology at Boston University Schools of Medicine and Public Health.

Department of Psychology

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