University of Rochester - Lab Manager

The lab manager will coordinate several research projects on social cognition, inter-group attitudes, and morality in childhood and adolescence. Primary responsibilities include participant recruitment, data collection, team member training, and administrative management. This position will include opportunities to grow as a developmental scientist, and would be especially well suited for someone interested in graduate studies in developmental psychology or a related field. This is a one-year position with possibility of renewal. Preferred start date is July 2019. Review of applications will begin immediately. Please visit our website to find out more about our group (, and contact our current lab manager with any questions about the position (

 WELL Center MABT RC 2019

The Center for Weight, Eating and Lifestyle Science at Drexel University (the WELL Center; is currently recruiting a full-time research coordinator under the supervision of Evan Forman, Ph.D., to begin in Summer 2019. This position is under the direction of Dr. Evan Forman, who is conducting funded research aimed at developing and evaluating novel behavioral- and technology-based interventions for obesity and other health concerns. In particular, the coordinator will manage a new NIH R01-funded project aimed at evaluating the independent efficacy of specific components of mindfulness and acceptance-based behavioral treatment for weight loss.

 VMAC Research Coordinator Posting 2019

The Vanderbilt Memory & Alzheimer's Center is accepting applications for a Clinical & Translational Research Coordinator position. The coordinator position is part of the Vanderbilt Memory & Aging Project, a large, longitudinal NIH-funded clinical research study. This prospective study focuses on identifying risk factors for abnormal brain aging, including Alzheimer’s disease, with an emphasis on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health. The coordinator implements study-related procedures and contributes to data collection, particularly protocol administration (including neuropsychological assessment).

 NYU IDEAS2 Research Assistant

The Research Assistant will have opportunities to work on a variety of projects within a newly funded NIMH Center for Research on Implementing and Disseminating Accelerator Strategies in States to Improve Systems Serving Children, Youth, and Families (IDEAS2) (PI and Director: K. Hoagwood). Our work focuses on improving the scaling of policy-relevant and evidence-based health and mental health services across multiple systems serving children and families nationwide. The RA will be expected to work collaboratively with a group of state and national research collaborators, research program staff within the IDEAS2 group in the Dept of Child/Adolescent Psychiatry, OMH personnel, and other participants in our projects. The RA will work on several research projects to develop and test implementation accelerants that improve child and family outcomes. There is also the potential for work on a statewide training program in evidence based practices for use in children’s mental health treatment settings, and a project examining the use of equine-facilitated cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for youth with symptoms of anxiety.

 Johns Hopkins Research Assistant II

The Research Program Assistant II will be responsible for coordination of clinical and translational research program, mainly including the coordination in the recruitment of research subjects for multiple studies, under the supervision of the PI.

 University of Delaware - Lab Manager

The Communication Sciences and Disorders Program at the University of Delaware is seeking a full-time Limited Term Researcher (i.e., lab manager/coordinator), under the supervision of Drs. Giovanna Morini and Sayako Earle. The successful candidate will work jointly in the Speech Language Acquisition & Multilingualism (SLAM) and Memory & Perception of Speech (MAPS) labs.

 Juarascio Lab Research Assistant

Applicants are being sought for a full-time research coordinator position in the Drexel University Center for Weight, Eating and Lifestyle Science (WELL Center) to begin in Summer 2019.
This position is under the direction of Dr. Adrienne Juarascio, who is conducting NIH-funded clinical trials in the areas of treatment outcome research for adults with eating and weight disorders, the use of acceptance-based behavioral approaches, and the use of smartphone app-based machine learning interventions as an adjunct to eating disorder treatment. This research lab is staffed by faculty, post-doctoral fellows, research coordinators, clinical psychology Ph.D. students, and undergraduate students, providing an environment rich in intellectual stimulation and mentorship.

 Geriatrics - Community RA 2019

Under general supervision, assists in performance of NIMH-funded research studies of depression treatment among underserved older adults being served by elder abuse and case management agencies in New York City and Westchester County.

 RA Job Posting 2019

Do you plan to pursue a PhD in clinical psychology? Are you passionate about psychotherapy research? Join the Center for Psychotherapy Research at the University of Pennsylvania as a Clinical Research Coordinator!

 Research Assistant - Framingham Heart Study

Research assistant in neuropsychology with the renowned Framingham Heart Study. Our offices are located in Framingham, MA but we are a part of the departments of Anatomy & Neurobiology, Neurology and Epidemiology at Boston University Schools of Medicine and Public Health.

 UBS ad_ABS University of Chicago

Professors Daniel Bartels, Abigail Sussman, and Oleg Urminsky are looking for a full-time research assistant for a period of one year with the option to renew for a second year. The preferred start date is July 1, 2019, although we are willing to accommodate an earlier or later start. Applications will be evaluated on a rolling basis. The first review will be on March 10.

 Clinical Research Coordinator 2 WHARP

The Women’s Hormones and Aging Research Program (WHARP) is a clinical and translational research program within the Department of Psychiatry at Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) that is also affiliated with the Dana Farber Cancer Institute Department of Psychosocial Oncology and Palliative Care. Our program conducts a series of studies focused on the hormonal and neural basis of depression, sleep disturbance, hot flashes, and metabolism. Areas of interest include the mechanisms underlying menopause-related symptoms in healthy women and in breast cancer patients, as well as the treatment and impact of these symptoms on quality-of-life and tolerability of anti-estrogen cancer treatments. More information can be found on the WHARP website,

 Clinical Research Coordinator 1 WHARP

The Women’s Hormones and Aging Research Program (WHARP) is a clinical and translational research program within the Department of Psychiatry at Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) that is also affiliated with the Dana Farber Cancer Institute Department of Psychosocial Oncology and Palliative Care. Our program conducts a series of studies focused on the hormonal and neural basis of depression, sleep disturbance, hot flashes, and metabolism. Areas of interest include the mechanisms underlying menopause-related symptoms in healthy women and in breast cancer patients, as well as the treatment and impact of these symptoms on quality-of-life and tolerability of anti-estrogen cancer treatments. More information can be found on the WHARP website,

 Clinical Research Coordinator at MGH.pdf

The Center for Women’s Mental Health is a clinical and research program within the Department of Psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital. Our Program is dedicated to the evaluation and treatment of psychiatric disorders associated with female reproductive function. The Center provides a range of clinical services to women which include: consultation regarding the use of psychiatric medications during pregnancy; treatment for postpartum mood and anxiety disorders; treatment for premenstrual syndrome; and treatment of menopause related mood and anxiety symptoms, sleep disorders, and hot flashes. The goal of our research division is to examine a wide range of questions which affect the lives of women with psychiatric conditions. Our research projects mirror the span of our center’s clinical expertise. For more information about the clinical and research program, please visit our website:

 Massachusetts General Hospital Behavioral Medicine CRC Position 2019

The Behavioral Medicine (BMED) Program in the Department of Psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital is seeking a clinical research coordinator (CRC). The BMED Program is a multidisciplinary group with a longstanding commitment to conduct clinical research focused on developing, validating and disseminating psychosocial interventions that prevent and treat chronic illness. The CRC will be responsible for assisting with a variety of behavioral intervention studies focused on the treatment and prevention of HIV both domestically and abroad. The CRC may collaborate with other members of the research team, faculty, and staff of the BMED Program, but will also be expected to take initiative and work well independently. Due to the time-or deadline-sensitive nature of many projects, the pace of work may be demanding at times. Other projects are long-term and require constant attention to prioritization.

 Drexell University Center for Weight, Eating and Lifestyle Science

Applicants are being sought for one research coordinator position in the WELL Center, Department of Psychology at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA, under the direction of Meghan Butryn, Ph.D. Dr. Butryn is conducting multiple NIH-funded clinical trials in the areas of physical activity promotion, obesity treatment, and technology-aided behavior change. This coordinator’s particular focus will be on a clinical trial for obesity prevention in young adults.

 VTCRI-Clinical Coordinator 2018

Clinical Research Coordinator (Project Associate) An NIH-funded Clinical Research Coordinator/Associate is being sought for the labs of Dr. Pearl Chiu and Dr. Brooks King-Casas at the Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute ( in Roanoke, Virginia. Projects in the labs focus on the neuroscience of motivated behavior and social decision-making, in both healthy and psychiatric groups including individuals with major depression, substance use disorders, personality disorders, and PTSD. This is an excellent opportunity for a detail-oriented person who enjoys interacting with others, being a key part of a diverse and active scientific environment, working with individuals with varied mental health difficulties, and managing multiple project duties. The position is available for immediate start.

 VTCRI-Lab Manager-2018

A full-time research assistant (lab manager) is sought for the labs of Dr. Pearl Chiu, Dr. Brooks King- Casas, and Dr. Stephen LaConte at the Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute ( Projects in the labs combine methods from experimental and clinical psychology, neuroscience, and behavioral economics with functional neuroimaging to investigate decision-making in healthy and clinical populations (focusing on adults with mood, anxiety, personality, or substance-use disorders, and at-risk youth). The research assistant will be responsible for recruiting and assessing research participants, implementing all aspects of study protocols, and maintaining positive communication with research participants and collaborators. Data collection involves various modalities including: behavior, fMRI, clinical interviews, genetic samples. Additional duties include managing participant databases, organizing project funds, and preparing and tracking IRB protocols. The research assistant is an essential member of the group and will be generally responsible for having overall knowledge of all lab projects and managing day-to-day logistics of ongoing lab projects. Training will be provided for all aspects of the position. For motivated individuals, there are many opportunities to be involved with data analysis. This is an excellent position for candidates interested in graduate school in cognitive or clinical psychology, neuroscience, and related fields. Preference will be given to candidates who are willing to make a two-year commitment.

 Clinical Research Manager

The Risk, Prevention and Intervention Lab at Wesleyan University, directed by Dr. Alexis May, is seeking a Clinical Research Manager to coordinate a randomized clinical trial and assist with a series of research projects aimed at understanding the development and prevention of suicidal thoughts and behaviors. This position primarily involves coordinating a clinical trial testing a brief suicide prevention intervention for couples. More generally, the lab investigates the development of suicide risk.

 Clinical Research Coordinator I

The Community Psychiatry Program for Research in Implementation and Dissemination of Evidence-Based Treatments (Community Psychiatry PRIDE) at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) / Harvard Medical School is accepting applications for a full-time Clinical Research Coordinator I position. Community Psychiatry PRIDE is a dissemination and implementation psychiatry research center that focuses on reducing disparities in mental health in the communities across Massachusetts (PI and Director: Luana Marques, PhD). The overarching mission of Community Psychiatry PRIDE is to bridge the gap between science and practice by bringing evidence-based treatments (EBTs) to communities. Specifically, the program is designed to study the process by which EBTs can be effectively disseminated to community organizations, which in turn leads to increased access and quality of care across a wide range of psychiatric disorders. The Clinical Research Coordinator I will be responsible for managing research studies related to the dissemination and implementation of evidence-based treatments in low-income, diverse settings. The anticipated start date for the Clinical Research Coordinator is July 1, 2019.

 Marcus Fellowship Opportunities 2019

The Marcus Autism Center, in conjunction with the Emory University School of Medicine and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, is offering four research fellowships for recent graduates: the Cohen Fellowship in Developmental Social Neuroscience, the Marcus Fellowship in Speech Science and Engineering, the Simons Fellowship in Computational Neuroscience, and the Education Sciences Fellowship. Students who will receive a bachelor’s degree by June 2019 will be eligible for the positions. The fellowships will commence in July 2019, and are 2 years in duration. Students can find further details at: and

 Clinical Program Coordinator 2019 - Anxiey and Complicated Grief Program at NYU

The Clinical Program Coordinator will be responsible for managing studies focusing on the phenomenology, biology, and treatment of anxiety, grief, and stress related disorders. S/he will also be responsible for program oversight-related administrative duties, including budget management, advertising, grant preparation, and maintenance of program billing, salaries, and hiring. Applicants must be available to start the position in June 2019.

 Home Base CRC Position 2019

Home Base, a Red Sox Foundation and Massachusetts General Hospital Program, is accepting applications for a Clinical Research Coordinator position. Home Base is dedicated to healing the Invisible Wounds of War for Service Members, Veterans, and their Families through clinical care, wellness-based programs, community outreach, education, and research. For more information about our program, please visit our website at

 Stress Development Lab Research Coordinator

An experienced, independent, and highly-organized individual is sought for a full-time Research Coordinator position in the Stress and Development Laboratory at Harvard University Psychology Department, run by Katie McLaughlin, PhD. The position will begin in summer 2019 (ideally June). Our research examines the impact of environmental experience on children’s development. Most of our studies are focused on identifying developmental mechanisms linking adverse environmental experiences to the onset of psychopathology.

 FT Research Coordination Position

Full-time research coordinator position to help with an NEA-funded study examining the effects of reading on social and emotional development in youth.

 Yale Fellowship in Pharmaceutical Research and Clinical Practice

The Yale Fellowship in Pharmaceutical Research and Clinical Practice at the Yale Child Study Center is recruiting highly qualified students for an intensive pre-doctoral fellowship for current graduates or graduating seniors interested in a combined clinical and research career in autism treatment. The position will commence June 2019.

 2019 DPSN Fellowship

The Yale Autism Center of Excellence (ACE) and Yale Social and Affective Neurodevelopment of Autism Program (SANA) will select highly qualified college graduates for the Yale Fellowship in Developmental Psychopathology and Social Neuroscience at the Yale Child Study Center (YCSC). The YSCS at the Yale School of Medicine is a leading institution for research on childhood developmental and mental health disorders. Through extensive interdepartmental collaborations, the program brings together experts in developmental psychopathology, experimental psychology, statistics, neuroimaging, eye-tracking, psychophysiology, and computational science. The program is led by Dr. Kasia Chawarska and co-directed by Drs. Suzanne Macari and Kelly Powell. Collaborators include Joseph Chang (Statistics and Data Science Department), Todd Constable and Dustin Scheinost (Radiology and Biomedical Imaging), Laura Ment (Pediatrics), as well as Flora Vaccarino, Wendy Silverman, Fred Volkmar, Jamie McPartland (CSC).

 ASD Development Lab

The ASD Development Lab (PI: So Hyun “Sophy” Kim, Ph.D.) at the Center for Autism and the Developing Brain (CADB; Director: Catherine Lord, Ph.D.) at Weill Cornell Medicine is currently seeking full-time research assistants to work on research studies on children and adults with autism spectrum disorders including an ongoing studies funded by NIMH and Simon’s Foundation (PI : Sophy Kim). The RA's primary responsibilities include behavioral coding, subject recruitment, testing participants with standardized assessments as well as play-based assessments, managing and analyzing data sets, preparing and maintaining IRB protocols. RA will be working with individuals with autism with varying levels of language and cognitive abilities. The expected start date for the position is January 2019. See below for more details. This is an excellent opportunity for an individual who would like to gain research experience prior to attending graduate school.


The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), National Institutes of Health (NIH), National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), Emotion and Development Branch, Section on Mood Dysregulation and Neuroscience (SMDN) and Neuroscience and Novel Therapeutics Unit (NNT), in Bethesda, Maryland, seek qualified individuals to fill IRTA (Intramural Research Training Award) positions, with employment starting late May/early June 2019. SMDN conducts research on the brain mechanisms of mental illness in youth. Our particular research interest involves the investigation of the brain mechanisms associated with chronic irritability in children and adolescents. NNT uses brain-based knowledge to develop new treatments, such as a new application of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

IRTA Fellowship

The Mood, Brain and Development Unit (MBDU) is seeking qualified applicants for a two-year, paid Intramural Research Training Award (IRTA) Fellowship, with employment starting in June 2019. IRTAs are part of a multidisciplinary research team of physicians, psychologists, clinical social workers, and psychiatric nurses at the nation’s largest medical research center, the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland.

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