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Meyers Prize

The Ann and Edward Meyers Prize

Established in 1986 by Mona Meyers Wheatley '56. Awarded to a graduating senior who, in the judgment of the religion department faculty, has given evidence of exceptional ability in understanding, expression, and integration of ideas in the area of religious study.

1990 Nathaniel Benjamin Levtow

1991 Victoria Jane Waddell

1992 Reiner Wolfgang Winkler

1993 Timothy Dwight Juliani and Michael Charles Matheson

1994 Jesse Broughton Smith and Kathleen Michele Walsh

1995 Douglas John Rogers

1997 Amy Leigh Starr

1999 Madhaui Nevader

2001 Catherine Byrd Dalton

2002 A. Hannah Robertson

2003 Alison E. Poppe

2004 Dorothy D. Resig

2005 K. Parker Diggory and Devon P. Parish

2006 Brian Daly and Celia Cohen

2007 Jessica Cox

2008 Jessica Polebaum

2009 Caitlyn Olson

2010 Allison Shaffer

2011 Alicia Danze and Shalyn Getz

2012 Zachary Mollengarden

2013 Maria Roberta Benjamin

2014 Madeleine Therese Dai

2015 Jack Schwarz Peisch

2016 Emma Louise McDonald

2017 Matthew Brooks Spitzer

2018 David Marshall Dennis

2019 Joseph Harold Juster and Shan Zeng

2020 Leila Faulstich-Hon

Department of Religion

Middlebury College
Middlebury, VT 05753