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Woolsey Prizes

The Theodore S. Woolsey Prizes

Established in 1933 by Theodore S. Woolsey, Middlebury College trustee, 1922-1923. Awarded to the two undergraduates doing the most outstanding work in the study of sacred texts.

1984 Laura A. Firmery and Lisa Jennie Morris

1985 Angela Jane Weisl and Roberta Sengelmann

1986 Shawn Valerie Burns and Timothy C. Scannell

1987 Elizabeth Anne Baker and Daniel Lawrence Curtis

1988 Marion Contee Brune and Michele Amanda McHugh

1989 Nathaniel Benjamin Levtow and Hilary Beth Lipka

1990 Lee Greiner Burns and Kim Janine Gifford

1991 Katherine Ida Martin and Reiner Wolfgang Winkler

1992 Rachel Geneve Benson and Michael Charles Matheson

1993 Sarah Hamilton Humphries and Mary Leigh Ann Wolfe

1994 Michael Carter Hunn and Eric Louis Stern

1995 Kira Lise Greenholz and Phillip William Webb

1996 Cynthia Marie Martinez

1997 Jennifer M. Quijano and Amy Leigh Starr

1998 Andrea Kristen Yevuta

1999 Nkem Chiamaka Ofoma and Stephanie Celeste Saldana

2000 Benjamin B. Gitenstein and L. Crary Myers III

2001 Jennifer Rene Diggins and Lynne E. Howard

2002 John Bynum Kuykendall and Hitoshi Yamaguchi

2003 Abigail C. Goff and Alison E. Poppe

2004 Dorothy D. Resig and James P. Rogers

2005 Trevor Crowell and Thomas Heitkamp

2006 Laura Seidel and Deborah Tennen

2007 Maria Dickinson and Marie Lucci

2008 Esther Guidos and Tegan O’Brien

2009 Tegan O’Brien and Scott Gratton

2010 Heather Merriman and Jacob Udell

2011 Andrew Law and Ravi Ramphal

2012 Brenna Kearns and Stephen Mrowiec

2013 Hannah Lauren Elkin and Matthew Weinert-Stein

2014 Margaret Kathryn Morris and Benjamin Goldberg

2015 Keung Woong Park and Samuel Catlin Tolzmann

2016 Matei Epure and Maya Jennifer Peers-Nitzberg

2017 Jonah William Heiser and Andrew Peter Smith

2018 Anna Page Lueck and Bernardo Portilho Andrade

2019 Benjamin Blair Freedman and Kylie Ann Winger

2020 Lauren Bates and Sebastian Grandas

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