Daniel Silva

Assistant Professor of Portuguese

Phone: work802.443.5854
Office Hours: Monday and Tuesday, 4:30-6pm
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Daniel F. Silva earned his Ph.D. from Brown University in Portuguese and Brazilian Studies. His research interests include Luso-Brazilian literatures, Brazilian cinema, Lusophone African literatures and cinema, comparative literature, and critical theory. He is currently working on a book manuscript theoretically exploring empire and colonial discourse within postcolonial nationhood and contemporary (former) metropolitan self-representation.

He is co-editor of Lima Barreto: New Critical Perspectives (November 2013), a collection of multidisciplinary essays on the life and oeuvre of Brazilian writer Lima Barreto, the first of its kind in English. His work has been published in peer-reviewed journals such as Hispania and Chasqui



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PGSE 0210 - Beginning Port/RomanceSpeakers      

Beginning Portuguese for Romance-Language Speakers
This course is designed for Romance-language speakers and advanced Romance-language learners at the 0200 or 0300-level, depending on the language. It is an intensive introduction to Portuguese, covering all of the basic structures and vocabulary as well as important aspects of the cultures of Lusophone countries. Language learning is based on the students’ previous knowledge of one or more Romance languages. Students are expected to continue with PGSE 0215, after successful completion of PGSE 0210. (FREN 0205, ITAL 0251, SPAN 0220, or placement at French 0210 or above, Italian 0252 or above, Spanish 0300 or above, or instructor’s approval) 6 hrs. lect./disc.


Fall 2013, Fall 2014

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PGSE 0215 - Advanced Portuguese      

Advanced Portuguese
This course is a continuation of either PGSE 0103 or PGSE 0210. It is designed to balance textual and cultural analysis with a thorough review of grammar at an intermediate/high level. Students will hone their critical thinking and linguistic skills through guided readings, oral discussions, and short written assignments on Lusophone cultural topics. (PGSE 0103 or PGSE 0210 or by waiver) 4 hrs. lect./disc.


Spring 2014

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PGSE 0330 - Aesthetics of Urban Poverty      

Aesthetics of Urban Poverty in Literature, Film, and Music
Spaces of urban poverty have long held an ambivalent place within cultural imaginaries, as sites of various stereotypes and signified differences, but also as places of notable cultural production and social contestation. We will consider how urban poverty in Brazil, Lusophone Africa, and Portugal has been represented and commodified (trans)nationally, and how the voices from these locales challenge and pose a series of questions pertaining to capital, imperialisms, nationhood, globalization, and history. In doing so, we will also confront the complex relationships between race, gender, class, family, culture, and social violence, while spanning historical periods, literary and cinematic movements, and musical genres. (PGSE 0215 or equivalent) 3hrs. lect./disc.


Fall 2014

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PGSE 0500 - Independent Study      

Independent Study
(Approval Required)

Winter 2014, Spring 2014, Spring 2015

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