Placement Exam

All students interested in studying Spanish must take the placement exam (except those who have never taken Spanish before and plan to enroll in SPAN 101 in the fall). There is no placement exam for Portuguese. Students with prior knowledge of Portuguese should consult with the Department Chair.

Incoming Students:

As a general rule the online placement test is activated at the beginning of August for use by students matriculating in September, and again at the beginning of January for students matriculating in February.

Before new students can take any online placement exam they must activate their Middlebury user account.

Continuing students:

The test will also be activated shortly before current students register for fall and spring semesters.

Here are steps to accessing Spanish Placement Exam:

1. Go to
2. Once in Moodle click link to Log in (upper right)
3. Click on "Middlebury College Users"
4. Log in with your Midd username and password
5. Click on "Spanish Department" under Placement Exam in right column
6. There are 2 parts to the exam: the first asks background information about you and the second is the actual exam.  Make sure to complete both sections in order. Once you begin a section you must complete it; you cannot return to a section of the exam after you have begun. Do not click the 'Submit' button until you have completed the entire exam.
7. You must do it in one sitting or you will get closed out. It should take 30 mins to an hour.
8. Results will be posted during orientation week. (If you take this exam outside of the normal testing times, i.e. while classes are in session, please contact the department coordinator to access your results).

The purpose of this placement exam is to assist in optimal placement at Middlebury, so do not use a dictionary or other materials to assist you.

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