Introductory Writing and Rhetoric Program Courses

WRPR0100: The Writing Workshop I

This Middlebury College course is for students who would like extra work on critical thinking and analytical writing. All sections of this course will address a variety of writing strategies. Each section will focus on a particular theme to be determined by the instructor. This course does not fulfill the College writing requirement. Students take this course the same semester they take a First-Year Seminar.

WRPR0101: The Writing Workshop II

The nature of this course is to help students come to a better understanding of the essay. Students gain knowledge and skills that are transferable to other courses using writing. This course is taught as a workshop, meaning that we consider each other's essays, making suggestions, and this way becoming better editors of our own work. Essays are sometimes designed to begin with the personal and move towards the academic, thus drawing on personal experience as a way to connect with challenging subjects and ideas. Students begin to understand how their ideas on given subjects evolve through time as essays become more complex. Readings used in the course include both fiction and non-fiction.

We also work on strategies that will ensure students can transfer knowledge to other courses that require intensive writing. Students learn basic research, documentation and argument.

WRPR0102: The English Language in a Global Context

In this course we will examine a variety of issues related to the global dominance of the English language. We will take an interdisciplinary approach to the topic, emphasizing themes such as migration, globalization, education, and identity. Throughout the course, we will explore the relevance of these issues to educators, linguists, and policy-makers around the world. Students will develop a deeper understanding of the relationship between language and global societies. The secondary aim of this course is to help students grow as scholars, strengthening their repertoire of reading, writing, research, and speaking skills. Course assignments and activities are designed to offer intellectual challenge and promote academic growth. Students will receive extensive feedback from peers and the instructor on their work, and will be expected to reflect critically on their learning throughout the course.