Nominating Students for the Ward Prize

The Paul Ward '25 Prize in Writing
for First-Year Students
Each year the Writing Program solicits nominations for the Paul Ward '25 Prize in Writing for First-Year Students.
The $500 first prize and two $250 second prizes are presented annually to the first-year students whose writing best exemplifies, in the words of the bequest, "the use of basic English as the writer's most necessary tool: precise and exact usage of words, exact meanings, phrases expressed lucidly and gracefully."
Every student whose writing is submitted will be recognized at a presentation reception on the Friday afternoon of Family Weekend next October, and will be invited to train as a peer writing tutor and/or first-year seminar mentor for academics and writing.   Please help identify and encourage academic excellence by submitting a copy of your first-year students' best papers below.  Call (x3182) if you have any questions about eligible work. Deadline for nominations is always mid May. Use the form below, or use our shortcut go/wardsubmit.