To reserve your place in the class, you must:

1. Make a non-refundable tuition deposit of $300. Make your deposit here.

Depositing to Middlebury indicates your willingness to abide by the Middlebury Scholastic Honor Code. Based on the principles of honesty, integrity, and responsibility, Middlebury College’s Honor Code was initiated by the student body almost 50 years ago and remains the cornerstone of our academic community today. All matriculating students must understand that enrolling at Middlebury College includes agreeing to abide by and uphold our Honor Code. Learn more about Middlebury’s Honor Code.

2. Activate your Middlebury e-mail account. Depositing to Middlebury triggers the creation of incoming student accounts. Please allow one to two business days for your online deposit to be processed. Once you have received a confirmation welcome message acknowledging your successful deposit, you will be able to set up your account by typing go.middlebury.edu/activate and use your ID (available on your online letter of acceptance) and PIN (birthdate in MMDDYY format.) Then visit go.middlebury.edu/webmail to check your e-mail.

3. Request that your guidance counselor forward your final high school transcripts once they are available. Please remember that we expect you to complete the school year with satisfactory marks. Any deterioration of your academic work or notice of a disciplinary infraction will be cause for the Admissions Committee to review its decision and may lead to the revocation of our offer of admission. Please help us avoid this situation.

4. Inform us of any disciplinary action or unlawful conduct. Notice of either will be cause for the Admissions Committee to review its decision, and may also lead to the revocation of our offer of admission.

5. After May 1, you will receive additional forms to be completed at that time, including a physical examination report and class registration forms.

If you decide not to attend Middlebury:

Please inform us so that we may offer your place in the Class of 2018 to another student. Please fill out this quick online form.

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Questions about Orientation are answered here.

If you have any other questions, please call our office at 802.443.3000.

We look forward to your joining the Middlebury community!