The students we select each year for February admission are highly motivated and academically passionate. As a “Feb,” you are in great company.

Febs have one free semester between high school and college in which to pursue their interests. They can do almost anything, from apprenticing with housebuilders to reading all the works of Dickens to traveling across Canada by train to raising vegetables for the local food shelf.

There is no expectation that Febs will accelerate their normal four‑year program and graduate in three and a half years (although some students choose to do so). February is merely another entrance point for students beginning their college years. To learn more about the February Admission Program, view the videos below and visit our Febmester Resources page for ideas about your semester off.

February Celebration Highlights

The Scared is scared

Feb graduate Bianca Giaever ’12.5 produced this video as her senior project. In about a month, it received nearly a million views on Vimeo. Enjoy!

Tell Us What You Did On Your Febmester

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