Dr. Richard M. Hodes '75
Medical Director of American Jewish Joint Distribution, Ethiopia

Medical Director for American Joint Distribution Committee in Addis Abada, Ethiopia, commutes to Kenya and Somalia to work with refugees. Runs clinic for displaced peoples

Dr. Hodes, a physician, has been working with health care organizations since graduating and has spent much of his professional life working in third world countries of Africa, including the refugee camps of Rwanda. As Medical Director for the American Joint Distribution Committee, he lived in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and ran a clinic for displaced people in the capital, working with TB and other public health projects in the north and commuted to Kenya and Somalia to work with refugees and war victims. Dr. Hodes has served as doctor for Ethiopian Jews (the Falashas) and in 1992 made a documentary film for PBS with Dr. Ruth Westheimer about the Falashas. In 1991 he was part of Operation Solomon which brought 14,000 Ethiopian Jews to Israel in 36 hours as rebel troops were about to enter the city.


Dr. Alice E. White '76
Physicist & department head at AT&T Bell Labs

Stretching the bonds, the temperatures and the capacities of materials has been a daily challenge for Alice White for almost two decades. From her creative and respected astrophysical research published as a student at Middlebury with her mentor, Professor Frank Winkler, to her award-winning and original work on semiconductors and superconductivity as a research physicist at Bell Laboratories, she has personified that quality that Middlebury has tried to engender in all its graduates: the unwillingness to accept convention, but always to reach beyond. The American Physical Society has recognized her with the Maria Geoppert-Mayer Award, named in honor of the 1963 Nobel Laureate in physics and given annually to recognize outstanding achievement by a woman physicist in the early stages of her career. In her pioneering work using ion implantation to create complex structures within semiconductors, as well as in her earlier work, fabricating ultra-thin wires and films, Dr. White has expanded the bounds of solid-state physics. She has confidently synthesized new materials and worked to understand their novel physical properties. As one colleague has noted, "Her gamble (in moving into new areas) has paid off." She is an outstanding example of Middlebury science graduates throughout the years who have left this campus well prepared to enter graduate school and to do science of the highest order.
Adapted from Middlebury Magazine,Fall 1994 pg. 60


Margaret McKenzie Dickie '56
Professor of English, distinguished scholar & department chair

Through her creative work, poet, critic, scholar and teacher Margaret McKenzie Dickie has given us an understanding of the "bound cable strands" of American poetry, and a respect for the wholeness of the American literary tradition. Her scholarly concern for the genres of American lyric and epic poetry, and for such critical speakers to our nation's consciousness as Hart Crane, Emily Dickinson, Wallace Stevens and Sylvia Plath, conveyed to generations of students and scholars alike the magic of words and the interrelation of patterns of thought. As a Fulbright lecturer, as chair of the editorial board of the Georgia Review, and here, as a lecturer and a member of the Visiting Committee in Literature at Middlebury, she provided us all with an "illumination of the usual." Her pioneering work on behalf of women in the academy must be acknowledged by all the pioneers and settlers that follow.
Adapted from Middlebury Magazine, Fall 1994, pg. 53 and
Middlebury Magazine, Spring 1999, pg. 72


Young Alumni Achievement Awards



David H. Milner '90
Founder and President of Funds for the Community's Future

How do you straighten out Washington D.C.? Ask David Milner of the Class of 1990 and he'll tell you how: one kid, one high school and one neighborhood at a time. Those who may have once doubted his ability have long since climbed aboard and become enthusiastic supporters - from local residents and high school principals to foundation and corporate executives and a fellow alumnus who sat in the Cabinet of the President of the United States. David is one of those rare people who had a dream, a vision and a plan, all at once. The dream was to bring the many forces of a community together to improve neighborhoods while providing neighborhood-based scholarship programs for promising young people. The vision included providing the opportunity for business and philanthropy to take an active part in his senior year proposal that won a national competition and provided the venture capital for investing in the future. In 1994, after only three years, his program, the Fund for the Community's Future, stands as an example of what can be done to fulfill the promise of America's youth and provides a demonstration project for the rest of the nation.
Adapted from Middlebury Magazine, Fall 1994 pg. 71 and
Middlebury Magazine,Spring 1991 pgs. 28-31


Edith (Edie) Magnus Mayer '79

TV journalist Edie Magnus, the immediately identifiable voice and face from the Class of 1979, makes it all look easy. You go to Middlebury College, get an internship, become a television anchorperson, get an Emmy, launch a new show and there you are: a successful career in broadcast journalism. As the students say: NOT. Edie has combined intelligence, natural talent, drive and journalistic persistence-not to mention the flexibility that comes with a liberal arts education - to report on the complex issues of our time. Working for CBS News she made a significant contribution to our greater understanding of critical developments in the fields of health and medicine as those issues have risen higher on the nation's agenda. She has succeeded in a business where competition, ratings, style and new corporate owners have presented a major challenge to the heirs of Edward R. Murrow and Walter Cronkite. She wisely recognized, early in her first job, that "in this business you just take in one at a time." That patient hard-working approach has carried her from courthouse reporter, and from days when she was listed as Eddie Magnus in the ABC press guide, to her position to today as a leader among the new breed of broadcast journalists.
Adapted from Middlebury Magazine, Fall 1994 pg. 62 and
Middlebury Magazine,Spring 1997, pg. 10





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