The Bread Loaf School of English

Academic Advising

Academic Advising

Faculty should expect to meet individually with each of their students throughout the summer, to discuss the student’s work and progress. Faculty should notify the Bread Loaf director or on-site director if any student problems arise.

Course Selection

The following policies apply to students’ course selections:

  • A student may take only one course by a given professor in a single summer.
  • MA students may take only one creative writing course (including those that are cross-listed) in a single summer.
  • Courses are identified by a four-digit course number. Students may only repeat a course of a given number with prior permission of the director. Students may, however, take a creative writing course twice, as long as the instructor is different each time; no preapproval needed.
  • Students requesting permission to take three courses (including the completion of an IRP as a third course) need to obtain approval from the associate director (via their campus coordinator) prior to course registration.
  • When a course is full, students will be added to a waitlist maintained by the Bread Loaf office staff. Faculty willing to exceed the enrollment cap may give students special permission to take a closed class but must notify the campus coordinator in order to get the student on the books.