Bread Loaf offers many avenues for student support, both during the summer and the academic year.


During the academic year, veteran Bread Loaf students are available to answer questions for students new to the school or any of its campuses. A Students of Color group meets weekly at our campuses for peer mentoring and support. Contact Dana Olsen to be connected with a mentor.

Libraries and Technology

Students enjoy access to library and computer facilities on each campus. Though each campus has a computer lab, we encourage students to bring their own computers, if possible. In Vermont, most dorms and common spaces have wireless capabilities. In California and Oxford, student rooms have either wireless or direct Ethernet connections. All Bread Loaf students can connect with each other through BreadWeb, our communications and engagement hub.

Middlebury accounts provide students access to Middlebury email, online library resources, Zoom, BannerWeb, and more.

Middlebury accounts for students will remain active after a gap in attendance of once summer, through March 30 of the following year. For example, if a student attends in summer 2022 but not in summer 2023, the account will be deactivated on March 30, 2024 if the student have not yet re-enrolled for summer 2024. After an absence of two summers, Middlebury accounts will be disabled; if a student re-enrolls after this gap of two summers, the student will be assigned the same username and email address, but any email history will be deleted. After an absence of more than two summers, Middlebury accounts will be completely removed; if a student re-enrolls after a gap of more than two summers, the student may be assigned a new username and email address, and any email history will be deleted. Please direct any questions to the ITS helpdesk

Ken Macrorie Writing Centers

Each Bread Loaf campus offers a writing center staffed by trained Bread Loaf students. Peer readers at each center offer students rich opportunities to develop discipline-specific writing skills in the context of their summer work. The centers were established in honor of Ken Macrorie, a leader in the field of writing and education.

Bread Loaf Teacher Network

Supported by an exceptional team of Bread Loaf faculty, administrators, and peers, the Bread Loaf Teacher Network (BLTN) helps members develop powerful classroom and community projects based on their Bread Loaf studies. This creates opportunities for their own students to take the lead as resources and advocates for social and educational equity and excellence.


BreadWeb is a gathering place for enrolled students, faculty, staff, and Bread Loaf Teacher Network members. BreadWeb is an optional portal that will allow the Bread Loaf community to find one another and key tools at a click, and to participate in public and private groups. A website and app, BreadWeb allows members to form interest groups, share resources, and make digital connections both before and during the summer.