Bread Loaf offers students with exceptional academic records the opportunity to pursue focused independent research and produce a major critical, creative, or pedagogical project. 

Directed Research and Writing

A closely mentored independent study, the remote Directed Research and Writing (DRW) gives students the latitude to work from any location, the flexibility to set meeting times, the freedom to shape their own course of study, and the choice of earning one or two units of credit.  

Available to returning students and ideal for those in their final Bread Loaf summers, the DRW allows students a sustained opportunity to design and pursue a major critical, creative, or pedagogical project, under the direction of a faculty advisor. The mainstay of the writing and revision will take place online across the 6-week summer session (coinciding with Vermont session dates), though students will complete the preliminary reading and research beforehand.  

The DRW can be taken for either one unit or two units of credit (in any distributional Group or Groups), with eligibility and expectations for the scope of the work calibrated to the credit load. All projects must be grounded on some area(s) studied in a Bread Loaf course in which the student has earned an A- or better. 

Read more about Directed Research and Writing. The DRW replaces our former options for independent study: the Independent Reading Project, Oxford Independent Tutorial, and Summer Project in Theater Arts.