Course Information

Course Catalog

The Bread Loaf catalog is published and posted on the Bread Loaf website in January. It includes course descriptions and text lists, dates and fees, and a general description of the Bread Loaf program. For reference, recent course catalogs are available at:

Course Descriptions, Syllabi, and CVs

Course descriptions will be published on the Bread Loaf website and in the Bread Loaf catalog in December prior to the summer term. Students refer to these not only in making their course selections but also in doing the course reading in advance of the summer (as we advise strongly).

  • Faculty will be asked to submit course descriptions to Sandy LeGault in October/November of the appointment year.
  • Course titles should be no more than 50 characters in length, and descriptions should be no more than 150 words maximum (not counting the text lists).
  • Descriptions must include all required texts, listed in the order in which they will appear on the syllabus. Faculty must include the full title, author, current ISBN number, edition, and publisher for each text. This information will help us make sure that required texts are in print and available for student purchase.
  • For U.S. campuses only, faculty planning to use a substantial amount of supplemental material should create a course pack; course packs do need to be listed in text list appended to the course description. Faculty interested in this option should contact Karen Browne for details and will need to submit a full copy of the course pack to her by January 15. The Middlebury College bookstore will handle copyright, pricing, and distribution.
  • All faculty are expected to submit an updated c.v. along with a copy of each course syllabus at the opening of the summer session.

Course Texts and Reserves

Bread Loaf does not provide desk copies; faculty should bring their own copies of course texts.

Vermont and New Mexico faculty may request that books be placed on reserve by submitting a library reserve request form. The form asks for author, title, publisher, and copyright date for each text. Reserve forms must be returned to Karen Browne by April 15. Previous reserve lists are available upon request.