Teaching Load

The director will work with each faculty member to determine courses for the summer session, balancing the needs of the program with the preferences of the faculty.


The normal teaching load for Bread Loaf faculty at all campuses consists of two courses; the load may be reduced to one, depending on the needs of the program and the faculty member. Any course that is under-enrolled may be cancelled before the start of the summer session.

Class Size

At the U.S. campuses, literature courses are capped at 18 students, courses in the teaching of writing at 15, and creative writing and some theater arts courses at 12. Oxford classes run in a seminar/tutorial format and are ordinarily capped at 6–8.

Course Scheduling

While we do our best to give all faculty their preferences, class schedules are determined first with an eye to curricular needs.

  • All faculty are expected to meet their classes as scheduled throughout the summer term. Faculty may miss a class only with the permission of the director and must reschedule cancelled classes at a time convenient for all affected students.
  • Middlebury College and Bread Loaf are open on holidays (i.e., July 4) during the summer session.