Emergency Withdrawal, Suspension, or Expulsion

Middlebury recognizes its obligation to promote the welfare of its community as a whole and to take appropriate action when that welfare is jeopardized. To that end, Middlebury reserves the right, notwithstanding and apart from the disciplinary procedures described in this handbook,, on an emergency basis, to suspend, expel, or require to withdraw any student whose presence at any of its Bread Loaf School of English programs is determined by Middlebury authorities (e.g., the Bread Loaf director or designee, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Schools) to pose a danger to the Middlebury and/or Bread Loaf community or its members or to be unduly disruptive of the living, working, and/or learning environment of others, or who appears to be unwilling or incapable of effectively and/or safely participating in Bread Loaf’s academic or other programs or residential life.  In cases of emergency suspension or required withdrawal, the conditions and procedures for readmission, if applicable, will be determined and communicated in writing to the student at the time of the student’s departure or shortly thereafter (see Pending Discipline below and Withdrawals).