Scope of Oversight, Pending Discipline, Deadlines

Scope of Oversight. Students will be held accountable for policy violations that take place between the first and last day of each Bread Loaf session or Middlebury’s confirmation of their resignation or expulsion. Conduct that takes place on or near Middlebury premises or property; occurs at or in connection with a Middlebury-related event, or occurs off-campus but may represent a threat to the safety of the Middlebury community or its members, the pursuit of its objectives, and/or the educational environment of others, may be subject to the disciplinary process outlined below (see Disciplinary Action).

In cases where a student is found responsible for a policy violation while participating in any Bread Loaf program, the finding of responsibility may also be referred to the appropriate authority overseeing any additional Middlebury or non-Middlebury program in which the student is or will be enrolled for other action as deemed appropriate. This may include but is not limited to: further investigation; additional adjudication under existing policies (using only information gathered in the first disciplinary process, or using subsequently gathered information, or both, as deemed appropriate by the overseeing authority); disciplinary action; or other remedies or processes deemed appropriate by the authority overseeing the additional Middlebury or non-Middlebury program. 

Pending Discipline. A student will not be permitted to graduate from or otherwise deemed to have officially completed a Bread Loaf program in which he or she is  enrolled while a disciplinary matter is pending; the student’s graduation or certification will be held in abeyance until the matter is resolved. If a respondent withdraws with a disciplinary matter, sanction, or appeal pending, the withdrawal will be considered a resignation from Middlebury, and the student will have given up the opportunity to return to any Middlebury program. The student’s official status at Middlebury will reflect the point in the process at which they withdrew, and the nature of the finding and sanction, as appropriate. Examples include but are not limited to "Withdrawal with a Disciplinary Matter Pending," "Withdrawal with a Disciplinary Sanction Pending," and "Withdrawal with a Disciplinary Appeal Pending."

In extraordinary circumstances, the appropriate supervisory authority (e.g., Bread Loaf Director or designee or Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Schools) may, after appropriate consultation, a review of the case, and consideration of Middlebury’s best interests, grant permission for a respondent to withdraw from Middlebury when a disciplinary matter is pending. If the student is readmitted to Middlebury, the disciplinary matter must be resolved either before the student's return, or immediately upon the student's return (as determined by Middlebury). Middlebury may also notify all institutions or programs in which the student is (or will be) enrolled of any pending or unresolved disciplinary matter pertaining to that student.

Deadlines. Several handbook policies include deadlines. Unless otherwise noted, “days” indicates calendar days, regardless of whether the majority of Middlebury’s administrative offices are open. “Business days” indicates days on which the majority of Middlebury’s administrative offices are open, and generally connotes Mondays through Fridays. In computing any period of time referenced in this handbook, the day of the act or event (e.g., notification of hearing, issuance of an outcome letter, etc.) from which the designated time period begins to run shall not be included. The last day of the period so computed shall be included if it is a business day; when not a business day, the period will conclude at the end of the next business day.