Prohibited Student Conduct

The following conduct is prohibited and may result in discipline, up to and including dismissal from the program:

  • violation of state or federal law
  • violation of any policy in the Middlebury Handbook, including but not limited to Middlebury’s policy on:

- Academic Honesty
- Anti-harassment, Discrimination, Sexual Misconduct, and related retaliation (see Anti-harassment/Discrimination/Sexual Misconduct Policy)
- Anti-Stalking (
- Smoking
- Firearms/Fireworks/Knives/Stun Guns
- Hazing (see
Alcohol and other drugs ( and

  • conduct that poses a danger to the Bread Loaf or Middlebury College community or its members or is unduly disruptive of the living or learning environment of others ("unduly disruptive" behavior includes, but is not limited to, conduct that interferes with, or poses a significant risk of interference with, the emotional or physical well-being of others or their academic, extracurricular, or social activities)
  • conduct that demonstrates an inability or unwillingness to participate safely or effectively in Bread Loaf’s academic or residential programs
  • disrespect for persons, flouting of common standards of decency, behavior unbecoming of a Bread Loaf student, or continued behavior that demonstrates contempt for the generally accepted values of the intellectual community
  • disrespect for the dignity, freedom, and rights of others
  • violence in word or deed against another; incitement or provocation to violence; negligent or reckless use of physical force; conduct that may reasonably be expected to exploit or coerce another; prevention of another’s free expression of ideas by intimidation, abuse, or physical force; defamation; violation of another’s privacy; unauthorized entry and, specifically, uninvited hostile presence in another’s room or office
  • disrespect for the authority of Middlebury or Bread Loaf officials or law enforcement personnel, including all employees, students, and outside service providers with authority to effect the purposes of the institution; these include but are not limited to faculty, staff, directors, Public Safety officers, and other individuals such as police and ambulance forces, vendors, and security staff. Students are expected to identify themselves by showing their Middlebury identification card upon request of any Middlebury officials.
  • providing information to any Bread Loaf or Middlebury official (including faculty and staff) that an individual knows or reasonably should know is false, inaccurate, or misleading
  • disruption of the educational function of the Bread Loaf program or conduct that is otherwise detrimental to the program’s operation
  • theft of, vandalism, or other damage to the property of any Bread Loaf site or that of others; unauthorized access or entry to the property of any Bread Loaf site or that of others; undermining authorized access to any Bread Loaf site (includes unauthorized use of services and disposition of any Bread Loaf property to another under the pretense of ownership)
  • direct or indirect retaliation against a person who has in good faith supported or participated in an investigation of a policy violation of any type (Retaliation includes but is not limited to ostracizing the person, pressuring the person to drop or not support a complaint or provide false or misleading information, or otherwise engaging in conduct that may reasonably be perceived to affect adversely that person’s educational, living, or work environment.)
  • violation of the smoking policy at any Bread Loaf campus (see the relevant Campus Information pages).