Community Standards

All faculty and staff are subject to, and are responsible for knowing and understanding, all of Middlebury and Bread Loaf policies, as articulated in this
and in the Middlebury College Handbook (

Community Standards & Student Life Policy Overview

Community Standards

Bread Loaf shares the commitment of the larger Middlebury College community to the following goals:

  • cultivating respect and responsibility for self, others, and our shared environment
  • encouraging personal and intellectual courage and growth
  • manifesting integrity and honesty in all decisions and actions
  • promoting healthy, safe, and balanced lifestyles
  • fostering a diverse and inclusive community committed to civility, open-mindedness, collaboration, and cooperation

Therefore, a balance of individual community health and growth guides Bread Loaf’s approach to all endeavors, and to the policies that support those endeavors.

Student Life Policy Overview

The above Community Standards guide Middlebury’s approach to policy, and to addressing policy violations.  Depending on their nature and severity, alleged Middlebury policy violations may be adjudicated and discipline may be assigned by the Bread Loaf director or designee. The disciplinary authority considers the totality of a student’s history, the impact on community, and the specific circumstances of the event when determining appropriate responses to policy violations. Consistent with the cultivation of an awareness of responsibility and accountability, students found in violation of Middlebury  policies and/or participating in prohibited acts will be held responsible, will be subject to discipline, and/or will be charged for fines and associated costs (such as materials or labor costs for repairs; cost of impoundment; restitution, etc.) as appropriate. As with all Middlebury fees, students with unpaid charges may be restricted from registering for classes until their accounts are in order. Please see General Disciplinary Processes and Student Fines and Fees for more information.

Disciplinary outcomes issued in Middlebury’s Bread Loaf program may be referred to any other Middlebury program in which the student is or will be enrolled (see “Scope of Oversight,” below). The student’s ongoing or future enrollment in any other Middlebury program will be determined in accordance with that program’s policies and processes. Admission to any Middlebury program may be denied or withdrawn based on the student’s disciplinary history at any other Middlebury or non-Middlebury program.

Handbook policies are set forth in writing in order to give students general notice of our Community Standards, and of resulting prohibited conduct. The Handbook and its policies are intended to be read broadly and are not designed to define misconduct in exhaustive terms. Attempts to commit acts prohibited in this Handbook may also lead to disciplinary action and sanctions.