Basic Information

Terms of Employment

Bread Loaf faculty and staff are considered “at will” employees of Middlebury College (which means that either the College or the employee can terminate the employment relationship at any time, for any or no reason). Continuation of employment beyond the term designated in the appointment letter does not alter the at-will nature of employment. (See the Middlebury College Employee Handbook: Because of the limited hours faculty will be working for Middlebury College, they are not eligible to receive health and welfare benefits.

Middlebury ID

To access Bread Loaf and Middlebury's online and technology resources (including BannerWeb and library resources), employees will need three different kinds of identification, defined below:

Middlebury ID + PIN
All Bread Loaf employees will receive an 8-digit Middlebury ID number with their appointment letter (also available from campus coordinators). This will remain their Middlebury ID for any future employment and all official interactions with Middlebury and Bread Loaf. They will also receive a permanent ID card with the number.

The ID is used with a PIN number for access to BannerWeb, Middlebury's online interface. All new employees must log on to BannerWeb to complete Middlebury's required anti-harassment training, and all employees may use it to sign up for direct deposit of their paychecks. Faculty also use BannerWeb to post grades.

To activate these credentials, employees must go to:, and enter the 8-digit Middlebury ID and PIN. The initial PIN number is the employee’s birth date in the format MMDDYY, but employees will need to change the PIN upon entering BannerWeb for the first time.

Anyone having trouble activating an account should contact the Middlebury Help Desk (; or 802.443.2200).

Middlebury username + password
To find the username and set a password, employees should go to, and enter the Middlebury ID number and new PIN. The screen will give their username (most often it is the first letter of the first name and the first seven letters of the last name) and instructions for creating a password to use with it.

Faculty need a username and password to access the Course Hub and some protected library services. 

Faculty and staff need the username and password to access their Middlebury College e-mail account, set up automatically for all employees. Bread Loaf does not currently use the Middlebury e-mail addresses, but there might be instances in which Middlebury will send important information (e.g., campus-wide emergency notifications) to that address. We advise employees to forward Middlebury e-mail to the address they most frequently use: go to:

BreadNet username + password
BreadNet is Bread Loaf's communications network, providing course management tools and e-mail service. All faculty and staff automatically receive accounts.

To create a BreadNet password, log on with the username (usually the last name followed by the first initial) and the generic password "bread," and pull down the menu under "Collaborate" and select "Change Password."

BreadNet addresses will follow the form: