Housing and Board


Bread Loaf will provide room and board for each employee for the summer session. The Bread Loaf office will arrange appropriate on- and off-campus housing at all campuses. Faculty who opt to live off campus when on-campus housing is available will be responsible for half their rent. (In New Mexico, where on-campus housing is limited, most faculty will be housed off site.) Employees will be taxed on board costs for partners and room costs for caregivers and dependent children (with the exception of babies who share your room) as well as for off-campus housing that exceeds local fair-market value for an individual. Where applicable, Middlebury will add a stipend to the employee’s salary to help defray these tax costs; this stipend is itself subject to taxation. Please contact the Middlebury tax office ( with any questions.

Family and Caregivers

In the case of faculty and teaching staff, Bread Loaf will provide housing of an appropriate size to accommodate eligible family: partners/spouses; dependent children (18 and under); and caregivers for children under 12 (no extended family). Board will be provided for partners/spouses and dependent children 6 years old and under. These benefits will be taxed as part of the employee’s imputed income, as indicated on the chart below (Bread Loaf will add a small stipend to the initial paycheck of affected employees, to help offset the tax burden). Employees will be charged ($15/day at the Vermont and New Mexico campuses; $25/day at the Oxford campus) for meals for dependent children 7–18 years old and for caregivers; faculty will need to pay for these meals at the appropriate Bread Loaf campus office. Non-teaching staff who would like to bring family will need permission from the director.


Bread Loaf does not have the space or resources to provide housing or board benefits for long-term guests (i.e., non-dependent adults who are neither partners nor caregivers); friends and extended family will need to find and finance their own housing. Guests will be able to purchase tickets for any meals they take in the Bread Loaf dining halls.

Room and Board Policy for Faculty, Staff, Partners, and Dependents

Relation to EmployeeRoomBoard (Meals)
Selfno charge; tax on off-campus housing exceeding local fair-market value for individual plus stipendno charge
Partner/spouseno charge if same room as employeetaxed plus stipend
Dependent children
  • 6 years and under
  • 7-18 years
  • no charge if same room as employee; taxed plus stipend if separate room
  • taxed plus stipend
  • no charge
  • $15/day at US campuses; $25/day at Oxford campus
Caregivertaxed plus stipend$15/day at US campuses; $25/day at Oxford campus
Extended familynot providedmeal tickets available for purchase

Medical Services

Campus Information pages detail medical services available at each campus. We encourage faculty and staff to let the campus coordinator know if there is medical information that might assist us in an emergency.

Health Insurance

All employees are expected to be covered by their own health insurance plans during the period that they are on site at Bread Loaf.

Employee and Family Assistance Program

Bread Loaf faculty and staff are covered by Middlebury’s Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP), which provides support for employees and members of their households who are facing challenges to their mental, emotional, or physical well-being. More information is available from the Wellness Corporation (800.828.6025) and from the Office of Human Resources on the Middlebury campus.

Voluntary Retirement Plan

Bread Loaf faculty and staff are eligible to participate in the College’s Voluntary Retirement Plan. Although there is no employer contribution to this plan, they are allowed to make their own tax-deferred contributions to a retirement account. Further information is available on the Human Resources website and at the Office of Human Resources on the main Middlebury campus.

Course Fee Reduction for Employees

Full-time summer faculty and staff and their spouses, domestic or civil union partners, and full-time year-round Middlebury staff and full-time academic year faculty members with ongoing contracts and their spouses, domestic or civil union partners may take Bread Loaf courses for credit for $100 per unit as course enrollments allow. Permission to register for a particular course may be withheld because of limited space. For eligibility, summer employees have a waiting period of one summer, and year-round employees must have worked for Middlebury for one year. In both cases, the director's permission is required, and the applicant must submit a full application for admission. For more information, contact Elaine Lathrop.