"I’ve always claimed to be an environmentalist, and one of the greatest things I’ll take away from this program is the absolute knowledge that I am.” — Middlebury School of the Environment alumnus

Middlebury College’s School of the Environment is a 6-week summer environmental studies program for college undergraduates. The School combines the experience of one of the best undergraduate environmental studies programs in the U.S. with our renowned intensive summer methodology. Students take three rigorous environmental studies courses taught by top rated faculty. Courses combine knowledge and perspectives from environmental science, policy, arts, and humanities. The defining feature of the School is the coupling of for-credit coursework in environmental studies with environmental leadership training. Guided by national environmental leaders, students build a tool kit of professional skills that prepare them for environmental internships and careers.

For the summer of 2016, the dates of the Middlebury School of the Environment are June 24th to August 5th.

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