Middlebury offers merit aid, need-based financial aid, and scholarship funding to help pay for tuition and fees.

Merit Aid

Students will automatically be considered for merit aid with a complete Middlebury School of the Environment application (online application, recommendation, transcript and fee). Students should apply for this aid by January 15th, our first round deadline. Students will be notified by email in February and March.

Financial Aid

Students must submit the online financial aid application by March 1. Both Middlebury and non-Middlebury students are eligible to receive aid. Middlebury College students must submit this form, even if they are already receiving financial aid for the academic year.

To be considered for financial aid, a complete application to the School of the Environment must be submitted. Do not wait for an admissions decision to submit the financial aid application.


Students interested in applying for scholarships should submit their complete application along with the relevant application questions by January 15.

#1 Planet Forward Scholarship
The Middlebury School of the Environment has partnered with Planet Forward to provide additional scholarships. Planet Forward is a project at the Center for Innovative Media at the George Washington University School of Media and Public Affairs that teaches, celebrates, and rewards environmental storytelling by college students. 

  • Application question: Would you like to be considered for the Planet Forward scholarship? If yes, please describe how you currently use storytelling and media to help influence environmental change and move the planet forward, and how you might draw from your experience in China to continue this effort? (~200 words)

#2 Award for Environmental Science and Ecology

  • Application question: Would you like to be considered for the Award for Environmental Science and Ecology? If yes, please let us know how you plan to use your experience in environmental science to contribute to our program while in China and continue your journey in making environmental progress after you return to the US. (~200 words).