Curt Gervich

Co-Director, School of the Environment

Associate Professor, SUNY Plattsburgh

Liou Xie

Co-Director, School of the Environment

Associate Professor, SUNY Plattsburgh

Joan Grossman

Visiting Professor, School of the Environment

Artist and filmaker, Brooklyn, NY


Practitioners help teach environmental leadership skills throughout the program. Previous practitioners include award-winning journalist and creator of Planet Forward Frank Sesno; Middlebury College Director of Sustainability Integration Jack Byrne; journalist Lois Parshley; and persuasive communications instructor Mike Kiernan.

Mike Kiernan

Physician, actor, public speaker

Bill McKibben

Author and environmentalist

Frank Sesno

Journalist and director of the School of Media and Public Affairs at The George Washington University

Dan Reed

Program director, Planet Forward

Past Guest Speakers

  • Xiaolan Li: The Nature Conservancy. Conservation in Chinese context.

  • Xinhao Cheng: a renowned environmental artist with a PhD degree in Chemistry from Peking University.

  • Brian and Jeanee Linden: Cultural conservation and economic development in China.

  • Josh Dyer: Ethnomusicology of Yunnan.

  • Shirley Hong: Environmental activist and journalist. Co-founder of Wild China (野性中国), an NGO in China dedicated to environmental conservation.

  • Hongyan Young and Zhi Zuo: Pesticide Environmental Action Center/Eco-women: Environmental advocacy and NGOs in China.

  • Professor Douglas Yu: Biologist from University of East Anglia and Kunming Institute of Zoology