Learning through experience

It's no wonder that year after year our students describe the School of the Environment as a life-changing experience.

Each day is different. You may spend the morning designing a local sustinability project, then spend the afternoon walking through the Green Mountains as you discuss a reading on nature and religion. Or you might be out on the Folger, Middlebury's state-of-the-art research boat with an expert from the Lake Champlain Basin Program, observing how human impact is affecting the watershed system. Later that week you might be on site at one of the state's utility scale solar farms, talking with a renewable energy entrepreneur, and maybe that will inspire a video project you make in an elective class.

Our curriculum gives students the opportunity to apply knowledge from one course into another, and develop holistic and interdisciplinary perspectives on the environment. Our courses encourage students to think creatively and to think outside of the box. Added to that, students at the School of the Environment gain leadership training from the co-curricular program to build skills in communication, organization, problem solving and group dynamics.

Each student enrolls in one of two tracks of study, both of which include two core courses, and one of four possible electives. Everyone participates in the environmental leadership workshops, which give students skills they can apply directly into their courses.