Arrival on Campus
Arrival Procedures:

The School of the Environment will have an Arrival Center to accommodate students who arrive during peak daytime and early evening hours on the designated arrival days. The Arrival Center will be located at the Axinn Center, 15 Old Chapel Road.

The first official event of the School of the Environment is dinner on Friday, June 24 at 6:30 p.m.  It is important that you are in attendance at all events on the opening weekend. Please be in touch with your School Coordinator if you are unable to arrive by 6:30 p.m. on June 24th.

It is vital that you arrive on time on the date specified. If you have an unavoidable and significant time conflict, please write to the Coordinator for permission to arrive late. There are charges for late registration and late course changes (see the Special Fees section of the handbook).

If you need to arrive in Middlebury early, you MUST make arrangements to stay off-campus until your session begins.

Arrival Center Hours

Friday, June 24, 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Dormitories open the morning of Friday, June 24th.  Because dormitories are occupied by other groups until shortly before the opening of the summer session, early arrivals are not possible, nor are we able to accept luggage sent in advance for storage.

Permission to arrive late must be requested in writing and is granted by the Director of the School of the Environment only when warranted by extraordinary circumstances.

The following services are provided at the Arrival Center:

  • Key distribution
  • Middlebury College ID Card distribution and information
  • Vehicle registration (you will need your license plate number and your license and registration)
  • Career Services Office (Education in Action) information
  • Distribution of arrival packets
  • Student Financial Services: the college Bursar will be present to collect payment for unpaid bills
  • International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) staff will be available until 5pm: international students must check in
  • Computing information
  • Counseling Service information
  • College Book Store information
  • Transportation to your dormitory

Late Arrivals: If you arrive after the Arrival Center closes for the day, you must check in with the Department of Public Safety, located at 125 South Main Street. The Department of Public Safety has staff on duty 24 hours a day. Please remember that permission to arrive late must be requested in writing and is granted by the Director of your School only when warranted by extraordinary circumstances.

The general business phone number for Public Safety is 802.443.5133. If you do arrive late, you will need to contact your school Coordinator in order to complete check-in procedures with your School.


Atmosphere of School

It is important that you are aware that the School of the Environment is an intensive experience and may require that you work harder than you ever have before in an academic setting. In one six-week period, you will have completed the equivalent of three full-semester courses that include significant hands-on activities along with an intensive leadership-training program! You will spend most of every weekday involved in class activities, workshops, seminars, and co-curricular programming, with additional hours of preparation and homework. Attendance at scheduled classes and co-curricular activities is required.

While Vermont is lovely in the summer, and there are many attractions in and around Middlebury, the Middlebury School of the Environment is not a place to come for a vacation. The atmosphere of the School is incompatible with other expectations for your time, especially family vacations, jobs, or independent research projects. We do not recommend that you plan any other demands on your time for the full six weeks of the School.

Students in the School of the Environment come from a wide variety of institutions both in the United States and abroad and represent a wide spectrum of interests and backgrounds as well as different levels of academic experience in the study of the environment. While all students are prepared to explore environmental concepts in an academic setting, everyone will have different strengths and emphases across the full spectrum of science, policy, economics, humanities, and arts. An atmosphere of tolerance and mutual respect can help tremendously to establish a sense of community within the School. The atmosphere of the School encourages, and even demands, cooperation and collaboration. Learning represents a communal ef­fort; you should expect to employ your talents to the benefit of fellow students, just as you will benefit from their talents. In fact, an ability to work effectively within a team made up of people with different strengths and cultural backgrounds is a hallmark of leadership, and therefore is a key element of our curriculum.  The School is unique in the opportunity it offers to engage deeply with issues of environmental leadership and sustainability on a daily basis with a diverse community of students and faculty in a variety of formal and informal contexts.

Despite the seeming severity of all this, please realize that you should not worry unnecessarily about whether you will enjoy your time here. It is true that the School is first and foremost dedicated to teaching environmental studies in a context of social change and leadership, and is therefore a serious program created for the serious student. Yet within that context, we have created many opportunities to socialize, network, make friends, explore new ideas and places, and exercise your creativity. We look forward to welcoming you this summer.


Beginning in April, bills will be sent electronically to the e-mail address that you specify on your enrollment form. Payment is due upon receipt.

You may make your payment online using QuikPay (a link will be provided in the e-mail notification that is sent). QuikPay will allow you to pay in U.S. funds using e-check, Discover, MasterCard, or American Express (QuikPay does not accept VISA). Please be aware that you will be charged a convenience fee of 2.75% of the amount charged, if paying by credit or debit card.  This fee is imposed by QuikPay, not by Middlebury College, and there is no convenience fee for payment using e-check.

If you would like to send a paper check through the mail, please send payment to:

Cashier's Office
14 Old Chapel Rd.
Middlebury College
Middlebury, VT  05753

This information will be included with your electronic bill. Balance must be paid in full prior to arrival on campus. You will not be given your room key until payment has been received.

Career Services

Career Services

If you attend the Middlebury School of the Environment, you are able to utilize the Center for Careers and Leadership (CCI). Services include the following:

  • Career Advising
  • Networking through MiddNet
  • Resume Reviews
  • Online Resources
Connecting Your Computer to the Middlebury Network

Accessing BannerWeb

Middlebury College uses BannerWeb, a secure program for students to view their academic records. In order to access BannerWeb, you must provide your 8-digit student ID# (included in your acceptance letter) and a 6-digit PIN. For your initial entry into the BannerWeb system, your PIN is set to your Date of Birth (MMDDYY). Upon first entry to the system, you are prompted to change this. You will find more information on accessing BannerWeb here. The BannerWeb portal can be accessed via Quick Links at the bottom of the Middlebury College main page.

Activating Your Middlebury Email Account

Your email Username and Password give you access to your Middlebury e-mail.  You can learn your e-mail Username and set your Password using Middlebury’s Activate web page.  You must know your 8-digit Middlebury ID number (in your official letter of admission) and your 6-digit BannerWeb PIN. 

1.  Go to  

2.  In the ID field, type your Middlebury ID number.

3.  In the PIN field, type your 6-digit BannerWeb PIN. 

4.  Click Logon.

5.  The Middlebury College Agreement Statement for Responsible Computing displays.  Click on Agree and click Submit.

6.  Your campus-wide Username is displayed at the top of the page (e.g., “Your username is: jklinger”).

7.  In the Enter New Password field, type your new password.

8.  In the Confirm New Password field, type your new password again, and click Continue.

9.  Restart your computer.  You should now be able to check your Middlebury email via webmail.  Webmail can be accessed via Quick Links at the bottom of the Middlebury College main page.

Forwarding Your Middlebury Email To Your Primary Email Account

1. Go to

2. Enter your username and password.

(Make sure you leave out the “” part of your email address, as this isn’t part of your username.)

3. Click Logon. The Email Forwarding page will open.

4. Click the radio button next to “Forward all the e-mail sent to to this off campus email address”. Enter the off-campus address where you want to receive your mail.

5. Click Make Changes. A message will appear telling you that forwarding has been turned on. You’ll need to wait up to 30 minutes for forwarding to take effect.

6. Send yourself a test email to your Middlebury address to see whether forwarding has been enabled.

To Disable Forwarding:

1. Click the radio button in front of the words “Do not forward my e-mail. Keep it in my Middlebury mailbox”.

2. Click on Make Changes. A message will appear telling you that forwarding has been turned on. You’ll need to wait up to 30 minutes for forwarding to turn off.

Printing in the Library and Computer Labs - The college has printing quotas for all students, and students will be charged for printing if they go over a pre-determined limit. School of the Environment students receive 460 single-sided pages ($23 worth of prints).

For more information please click here.

Course Hub - The Course Hub is Middlebury College's gateway to course content for students and faculty.  The Semester Dashboard shows you the latest updates from all of your courses -- at a glance you can see if there have been new updates on the course blog, electronic reserves, or any other connected resources.
Departure Information

School of the Environment classes end on Thursday, August 4th.  Students may leave as soon as their classes and final exams are completed.  There will, however, be a Final Banquet Thursday night for students, faculty, staff and special guests; we hope you will remain on campus to attend this event.

A student who leaves earlier than the schedule above without express permission of the Director will receive a grade of WD/F.

All dormitory rooms must be vacated by Saturday, August 6th at 10 a.m.

Dining, ID Cards, Mailboxes, Books, and Vehicle Registration

Dining: Dining facilities are designed to accommodate the average tastes and needs of students. Alternatives to meat are provided at every meal for vegetarians. If you have concerns about special dietary requirements, you may contact the manager of the dining hall.

If you have special dietary needs, would like to request kosher meals or will be observing Ramadan, please submit this form to your School's coordinator by May 6.

ID Cards:

  • New students: Students arriving at Middlebury for the first time must submit a new photo so that ID cards are processed prior to arrival on campus.  Academic year students attending the School of the Environment CANNOT use their academic year ID Card and must submit a NEW photo. 
  • Students needing a replacement card for Academic Year or for the School of the Environment will need to purchase a new card from the department of Public Safety.  Photos can be submitted ahead of time.

Instructions and upload links are located on this web page.

Mail: Please arrange for your packages to arrive after you do.  The college cannot accept them before the summer sessions begin.

Your address during the session will be:
Your name
Your box number, Middlebury College
14 Old Chapel Road
Middlebury, VT  05753

Your box number will not be assigned until the spring. After box numbers have been assigned, you will be able to find yours by using the online college directory (, then click "Quick Links," then click "Directory"). If you enter your name in the directory fields, your assigned information will appear.

Books: Please wait until you arrive on campus to purchase your books because your track and/or electives may change. In addition to regular business hours (M-F, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.), the College bookstore will be open on Sunday, June 26 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.).

Parking and Vehicle Registration -  Students may bring a car to campus but all vehicles must be registered with Public Safety.  Vehicle registrations must be completed via BannerWeb,and there is a $25 charge for a parking permit.

To register, log in with your user name and password.  Click the "Personal Information" tab at the top of the page and then choose "Register your personal vehicle".  Follow the instructions and click "Submit" when finished.

A  valid vehicle registration and driver's license must be presented at the time the parking permit is issued. Please note: parking is very limited and located on the perimeter of campus (not adjacent to dorms.)

For more information on parking visit Public Safety's website.

Emergency Information

Middlebury College Public Safety: 802.443.5911

Please program this number into your cell phone and use for medical emergencies as well as lock-outs.

Activating Rave - Rave is a contact tool to notify you in the event of a campus emergency.  If you will have a cell phone, please enter your cell number in the Rave system.

1.  Log on to BannerWeb using your 8-digit Middlebury ID number and 6-digit BannerWeb PIN.

2.  Select Personal Information.

3.  Select Update Cell Phone for Emergency Communications.

4.  Type in your cell phone number.

5.  Click Save.

Evacuation Plan - All students are required to submit a personal evacuation plan online in BannerWeb.  In the unlikely event of an emergency, the plan describes where you would go if the college had to be evacuated.  To submit a plan, log on to BannerWeb, choose "personal information," and then "Personal Evacuation Plan."

Health and Counseling Services

Parton Center for Health and Wellness-See what services are offered to summer students.

You will be required to complete a brief health history form at your first visit to Parton Health Service. Health records/history may be required by local physicians. We will refer you off campus if you require the services of a specialist or you have a medical emergency.

To help us better care for your chronic health care needs, you may send documentation of chronic health concerns along with our summer health form (located below) ahead of your arrival at Middlebury. You can mail the form to: Parton Health Service, Middlebury College, 14 Old Chapel Road, Middlebury, VT 05753.

Drugs and Alcohol - Familiarize yourself with college policy and Vermont state law regarding drugs and alcohol. Please also see Language Schools parties policies.

Housing/What to Bring to Campus


You will be informed of your housing assignment upon your arrival. As housing assignments are made just before students arrive, we are unable to tell you of your specific rooming assignment before you arrive on campus.  Please do not call or email to find out your housing assignment. Click here to find out what is provided in your dorm room and what you need to bring.

All students live in the assigned residence hall for their School and take their meals exclusively with members of their School. There is no guarantee that students' special housing requests can be met, although we will make every effort to accommodate your needs as identified on the rooming card. Many rooms are doubles, and you should be prepared for a dormitory situation.

Most faculty dine regularly with students. They are a dedicated team and they are available and eager to be of assistance to you both in and out of class, at work and at play.  At the same time, it would be unfair for any one student to make unreasonable demands of their time.  We cannot accommodate requests for special tutoring or individual instruction in work outside the regular curriculum.

As you will be living in relatively close quarters, noise can easily become a problem. We ask that you be respectful of your neighbors’ study and sleep habits.  If you know that you are a particularly sensitive sleeper, please bring appropriate items (such as earplugs and/or white noise machines) to help with your adjustment to living in the dorms.

What to Bring to Campus

The weather in Vermont during the summer is usually warm and pleasant during the day and cool in the evening.  However, it is entirely possible that we could experience days with temperatures in the nineties accompanied by high humidity and rain showers. Attire at Middlebury tends to be casual, so please bring clothing that will allow you to be comfortable being active outdoors during summer weather, sturdy shoes for hiking, tennis shoes (or the equivalent with closed toes) for the opportunity to travel on the college’s research vessel, bathing suit, professional business attire for meetings and formal events, any recreational or sports-related equipment you enjoy using, any musical instrument you enjoy playing, binoculars (if you have them), and a journal.

A more complete list of curricular and co-curricular activities will be provided in the spring, which will include possible minor additions to this list.

International Students

Next steps for International Students:  Middlebury School of the Environment participants, who are not U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents, must have a non-immigrant U.S. visa status that allows them to pursue full-time study during the Middlebury School of the Environment program dates.  Tourist status (i.e. B-1/B-2/Visa Waiver Program-ESTA) does not allow enrollment in a full-time courseload.  If you are in the U.S. attending another U.S. college or university with a visa status that allows you to study full time, please contact International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) with your current visa documentation (a scanned copy of your visa, your passport ID pages, your I-94 card/record, and your I-20, DS-2019 or other document used to obtain your visa status).  ISSS will review the documents to confirm your eligibility to attend the Middlebury School of the Environment with your current visa status.  Please email ISSS at with the necessary information.  We ask that you respond to ISSS requests in a timely way.


Local Information

Local Businesses - The Addison County Chamber of Commerce website and maintain details on local businesses.  For information on outdoor activities, try the Trail Finder.