Liberal Arts/Global Action

The Middlebury Initiative is a fund-raising campaign that builds on the College's established strengths to extend its reach and influence, expand the range of opportunities available to its students, and secure Middlebury's position as the global liberal arts college for the 21st century.

The Initiative has four key priorities:

  • to ensure greater access and opportunity for talented students through increased financial aid,
  • to give every student multiple opportunities to learn from and be mentored by great teachers through support for faculty,
  • to enhance the College's signature programs in the environment, sustainability, international relations and languages,
  • to create flexibility and the ability to respond to changing circumstances through strong Annual and Parents' Funds.

Through the Middlebury Initiative, the College seeks to raise $500 million. To reach that goal will require gifts of all sizes and the participation of all alumni, parents and friends through leadership gifts, planned gifts, and the Annual and Parents' Funds.