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1. Where does Middlebury have programs abroad?

Middlebury has Schools Abroad in Argentina (Buenos Aires and Córdoba), Brazil (Belo Horizonte, Florianópolis, and Niterói), Cameroon (Yaoundé), Chile (Concepción, La Serena, Santiago, Temuco, Valdivia, and Valparaíso), China (Beijing, Hangzhou, and Kunming), France (Bordeaux, Paris, and Poitiers), Germany (Berlin, Mainz, and Potsdam), India (Delhi), Israel (Beer Sheva), Italy (Ferrara, Florence, and Rome), Japan (Tokyo), Jordan (Amman), Morocco (Rabat), Russia (Irkutsk, Moscow, and Yaroslavl), Spain (Córdoba, Getafe, Logroño, and Madrid), the United Kingdom (Oxford), and Uruguay (Montevideo).  See International Programs for information on any of the Middlebury Schools Abroad and visit our web page:

Middlebury is a member of the Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies (ICCS) program in Italy and has exchange agreements with the University of East Anglia and with the University of Nottingham, both in England. These programs are particularly beneficial to students with significant Middlebury financial aid. Also in England, Middlebury has an arrangement with Lincoln College at Oxford University, which provides opportunities for several highly qualified students to study for the full academic year at Oxford (this program does not qualify for Middlebury financial aid).  See International Programs for information on these programs and visit our web page:


2. What if I am interested in studying in a country where Middlebury does not have a program?

Each year a significant number of Middlebury students study abroad on externally sponsored (non-Middlebury) programs in countries such as Australia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Ghana, Greece, Ireland, Madagascar, Mongolia, Nepal, New Zealand, South Africa, Sweden, Tanzania, Thailand, and the United Kingdom, among others.  Middlebury's Programs Abroad Committee oversees study abroad on all programs other than the Middlebury C.V. Starr Schools Abroad (i.e., on externally sponsored/non-Middlebury programs). Information on all study abroad options is available on our web page (

3. How do I apply for study abroad?

THE APPLICATION DEADLINE FOR STUDYING ABROAD DURING 2019-2020 (full year, fall, or spring) IS FEBRUARY 1, 2019. Please see our web page for the online Middlebury Study Abroad Application and required forms.  

Students who apply after this deadline run the risk of not having their applications reviewed.  For Middlebury Schools Abroad, acceptance decisions will be made in accordance with criteria established by the appropriate language departments and other study abroad policies. The Programs Abroad Committee reviews applications for externally sponsored programs for Middlebury approval/credit; in addition, students must also apply to externally sponsored programs directly (students should be aware of programs’ deadlines and application processes and apply early for programs that operate on rolling admissions, as they can fill prior to deadlines).  For externally sponsored programs, please note that students must be approved in advance by the Programs Abroad Committee in order to receive credit for study abroad.

4. What are the study abroad application requirements?

Middlebury requires a minimum overall GPA of B- and an average of B or better in the major and language (if applicable). See our web page for language requirements for Middlebury Schools Abroad:  Students are also expected to study the target language through the semester prior to studying abroad.  Approval is contingent upon students maintaining the above performance in courses taken between the time of application and the intended date of departure.  For more information on requirements, see the Study Abroad Guidelines:

5. How much does study abroad cost?

Study abroad costs are generally similar to or somewhat less than U.S. college costs; see International Programs for specifics. Students studying abroad (except those on official exchange programs) are charged an administrative fee of $1,750 per semester abroad in order to help offset the cost of the services provided by International Programs.

Financial Aid Information:

  • Federal financial aid (aid other than Middlebury grants or loans) can usually be applied to study abroad expenses for any approved program.
  • Middlebury grant and loan financial aid is available for:
    • Students who study at Middlebury C.V. Starr Schools Abroad
    • Students who are pre-approved International and Global Studies majors with a focus in South Asian Studies who study abroad outside of India (IGS/South Asia majors with a focus on India are normally expected to study at the Middlebury School in India)
    • Students who are pre-approved International and Global Studies majors with a focus in African Studies (with a language focus other than French) who study abroad in Africa (IGS/AS majors with a French language focus are normally expected to study at the Middlebury School in Cameroon)
    • IP&E majors with a focus on Africa and a language focus other than French, studying abroad in Africa (IPE majors with a French language focus are normally expected to study at the Middlebury School in Cameroon)
    • Students on official exchange programs
    • Classics and Classical Studies majors on approved programs in Greece or Italy
  • Middlebury grant and loan financial aid is not available for:
    • Study in countries/programs where English is the official language or lingua franca (this includes Middlebury's affiliation with Lincoln College/Oxford University), except at a Middlebury School Abroad or when a student is part of an official exchange program
    • Externally sponsored programs, unless a student is studying on an official exchange program or is studying in Africa or South Asia as a pre-approved IGS or IP&E major, according to the policies above (scholarships may be available directly from programs)
    • International students who seek to study on an externally sponsored program in their home country

For more information: and


6. What do I do next, and who do I talk to for more information?

Spend the first part of fall semester (starting now!) looking over program information, researching your options online, and familiarizing yourself with Middlebury's Study Abroad Guidelines.  During fall semester you should also meet with your academic advisor, speak with professors in the language departments and/or professors who have spent time in the area of the world in which you are interested, and talk with returned study abroad students (International Programs can provide you with a list).  You should also plan to attend the Study Abroad Fair on Thursday, September 20, 2018 (Axinn Center, 2:00-5:00 p.m.), as well as group advising sessions and/or regional information meetings (check our Events page for dates and times:  Also during the fall semester, you can meet with an advisor in International Programs, begin the online Middlebury study abroad application process [deadline February 1], and (if applicable) begin your application to the programs to which you are applying.  You should apply for a passport if you do not already have one. If you do have a passport, check to make sure it will be valid for at least six months after the ending month of your study abroad program.  If not, renew it now.

Spring semester can be spent finalizing your plans with your program or university and taking care of logistical details in order to study abroad.  Also during the spring semester, International Programs will conduct pre-departure orientation meetings for students going abroad next fall or the full year; if you go abroad in the spring semester, your orientation will be next fall.

For information on any study abroad opportunities, see our web site (  You are always welcome to make an appointment to meet with the staff in International Programs to ask questions and discuss your options. Please visit our web page to schedule an appointment:


Stacey Thebodo, Associate Director (all externally sponsored programs and Middlebury-CMRS Oxford Program)

Nicole Chance, Assistant Director (Middlebury Schools Abroad: Brazil, Cameroon, Germany, Spain)

Bill Mayers, Assistant Director (Middlebury Schools Abroad: China, India, Israel, Jordan, Morocco)

Susan Parsons, Assistant Director (Middlebury Schools Abroad: France, Japan, Russia)

Alessandra Capossela, Assistant Director (Middlebury Schools Abroad: Argentina, Chile, Italy, Uruguay)

7. I'm a first-year student - what do I need to know about study abroad?