With the Study Away at Monterey program, undergraduate students can access the extraordinary resources at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies (MIIS), a graduate school of Middlebury College. Spend a semester or a year at MIIS, learning from experts in international policy (environmental, trade, development, and nonproliferation), education, and linguistics. These programs educate students to advance understanding, promote peace, and drive change in pursuit of a more just world.


The Middlebury California Coast and Climate Semester offers students the chance to study climate and the environment in California. Students take core courses designed uniquely for this climate program and directly enroll in courses in the Environmental Policy and Management program at MIIS.

The Middlebury Global Security Semester offers students the chance to study nonproliferation, terrorism studies, financial crime, and cybersecurity, and the option to take language classes. Students directly enroll in courses in the Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies program at MIIS.

The Middlebury International Studies Semester offers students the opportunity to enhance their undergraduate degree with a customized semester of classes at our Monterey campus. Students directly enroll in MIIS courses learning from experts in international policy, trade, intercultural study, and global security.

The Middlebury Language Education Semester offers students the chance to engage with key principles and practices of language teaching in today’s diverse educational contexts, with an emphasis on intercultural competence, social justice, and service learning.  Students directly enroll in language education courses at MIIS.

Study Away + Study Abroad

Many SAAM students have successfully combined Study Away with a Study Abroad program, spending one semester in Monterey and one semester abroad. It is important to keep academic calendars and visa requirements in mind. Middlebury students should click here to schedule a meeting with an advisor to discuss options. Students from other institutions should speak with their study abroad advisor to determine if they could participate in both Study Away and Study Abroad.

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