Program alumni are the best resources for students interested in studying away. If you would like to talk to a student about their experience in Monterey, get in touch with the advisor, Phyllis Stinson

Mia Hines of Grinnell College in Monterey, CA

Mia Hines, Grinnell College ‘24

“I chose the California Coast and Climate Semester because of its emphasis on experiential learning in the curriculum [and] the opportunities to be involved with research… We explored the region so that we could better understand the complex dynamics of environmental history, cultural history, and marine conservation on the Monterey Peninsula. What I particularly love about being in Monterey is that I am able to observe what I’m learning in the classroom first-hand.” Read more about Mia’s experience!

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Eli Drachman, Middlebury College ‘24

“The Global Security Semester at MIIS was an unparalleled experience. I took classes on counterterrorism, international security, anti-money laundering, and briefing preparation. Simply put, it was awesome. I could not feel better prepared to enter the professional sphere - and specifically public service - after my time in Monterey. To be honest, I am surprised that more Middlebury College students are not studying away in Monterey…they are missing out on a treasure!”

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Finn Warner, Middlebury College ‘24.5

“[During the California Coastal and Climate Semester, I had the] opportunity to take a class with Environmental Policy and Management students, and I became part of their program….The graduate school pedagogy of “learning by doing” is baked into the experience; my experiences of tide pooling to learn about invasive species and transcribing an 1830s whaling logbook emphasized exploration.” Read more about Finn’s experience! 

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Samara Scharf, Middlebury College ‘22

“I strongly recommend the Language Education Semester at MIIS. The hands-on, experiential opportunities offered in this program are unique, and have made me confident that language education is a field I would love to pursue. And getting to do it all in beautiful Monterey is a huge added bonus!”