Parent Information


Dear Parents,

Soon, your son or daughter will be embarking upon what is often a life-changing academic, social, and cultural experience.
The information included on these pages is to help you better understand the study abroad process and will hopefully help answer the questions you may have.

If your student is participating in a Middlebury School Abroad, click here for the parent information for Middlebury Schools Abroad. The following information on these pages pertains to parents of students participating in Externally-Sponsored (non-Middlebury) study abroad programs.

Resources for Parents:

Study Abroad: A Pre-Departure Handbook
[A guide for Middlebury students participating in programs not administered by Middlebury College (non-Middlebury programs)]
This pre-departure handbook includes information on logistics (e.g., passports and visas, packing, travel info., etc.), health and safety, cross-cultural adjustment, sustainable study abroad, academic matters, financial information, returning home after study abroad, and much more.

Parents: Pointers to Prepare for the Transformation:
Prepared by the CIEE, this document contains useful tips for parents of study abroad participants.


What Parents Need to Know!
This NAFSA: Association of International Educators publication, is written for parents to help their student make the most of their education abroad experience.

Other What To Know Before You Go information
This page includes links to embassy and consulate information, safety abroad information, foreign currency converter, health and travel insurance information, and much more.

Health Insurance Information:
Middlebury students should make certain they have adequate health coverage abroad. For more information on policies available, see our Health Insurance web page.

Health and Safety Information and Resources
This web site includes many health and safety resources, as well as emergency contact information.

CO2 Offsets Program:
Contribute to the fight against global climate change by purchasing renewable energy to offset the global warming impact of your student’s air travel for study abroad.

Other Pointers for Parents: Before, During, and After the Study Abroad Experience


Another common concern for parents is who to contact in case of emergency. Since Middlebury College does not administer the program in which your student is participating, it is most effective to contact the program administrators directly. Please make sure that your son or daughter leaves this contact information with you prior to departure. However, if any questions or concerns arise before, during, or after your son or daughter’s study abroad experience, please feel free to contact Stacey Thebodo (Assistant Director, contact for non-Middlebury study abroad). Also please see the Safety Abroad page for emergency contact information and the Contact Us page (below) for the emails and phone numbers of International Programs and Off-Campus Study.

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Pre-Departure Checklist for Parents