Middlebury Language Schools


General Requirements for Language Schools

We strongly recommend that students complete at least one year of college prior to attending the Middlebury College Language Schools. Applications from high school seniors whose records demonstrate the academic achievement and social maturity required to succeed in a residential college-level intensive immersion program will be considered.

The Language Schools select students for admission who show the potential and desire to succeed in a rigorous academic environment. Having previously attended the Language Schools, Middlebury College, the Monterey Institute of International Studies or the Middlebury-Monterey Language Academy does not guarantee admission.

You may enroll in courses in one Language School only, and typically only at one level of study. You are, however, welcome to apply to more than one School: in order to do so, you must submit a complete application packet for each School to which you are applying (including a separate application fee).

Admission is for one summer only and cannot be deferred to a future year.

Is the 6-Week Graduate Program For Me? >>

The 6-week session of the Language Schools is for students who have already acquired graduate-level proficiency in their language of study and who hold a BA or its equivalent. Graduate applicants have generally studied their language for four years or longer, unless they are native speakers of the language. Students who are at the graduate level in their language of study but do not hold a BA may apply for one summer as a non-degree student.

Students who are interested in pursuing a master's degree should select the 6-week MA program in the Program Selection section of the application. Those interested in attending as a non-degree student should select the 6-week non-degree program.

All students who are continuing to gain proficiency in their language of study should apply to the "Intensive Language Program," regardless of their status as students or graduates of other degree programs. Students in the 7- or 8-week programs come from all backgrounds, and their ages range from 18 to 80. Although undergraduate-level credit is awarded for these programs, it is by no means restricted to students who are still studying for their bachelor's degree in college.

International Students >>

International students will go through the same general application process outlined on this page (above). Following admission, the ISSS office will support your needs relating to a U.S. student visa.

Application Requirements

Current Middlebury College students: Please refer to these specific instructions.

1. Online Application

In the online application, please select:

  • 8-week or 7-week Intensive Language Program
  • If you are applying to the graduate program, please refer to the graduate application instructions for details on how to proceed.

Deadline: Admissions are rolling. Scholarships, fellowships, and some financial aid programs do have a deadline by which applications must be complete. Please refer to the Language Schools Financial Aid page for details.

2. Non-Refundable Application Fee

A non-refundable application fee of $75 in U.S. funds is due when submitting an application. You may pay by credit card online, or you may send a check or money order, made payable to Middlebury College, to your program coordinator.

This fee is waived for the following applicants:

• Active duty military
• U.S. Government employee (sent through appropriate channels)
• Middlebury College undergraduate students
• Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS) students
• Alumni of all Middlebury College, MIIS, and MMLA programs
• Current Mills College students
• Current members of AmeriCorps, Peace Corps, or Teach for America
• Currently enrolled students who provide a letter from their home institution, stating that they receive 96-100% financial aid.

If you are eligible for a fee waiver, select "Pay by check or money order" in order to proceed with the online application, but do not submit payment. Please indicate the reason in the essay portion of the application.

3. Transcript(s)

We require an official transcript from each post-secondary institution attended, whether or not you studied a foreign language there. If you are a first-semester college student, please submit an official transcript from your high school, as well as first-semester college grades when available. The official transcript must be sent by the registrar, either sealed in an envelope, or emailed in a secure format.

4. Recommendations

Applicants to the 7- or 8-week program must submit two* letters of recommendation. An online form is available for your convenience, but recommendations from persons other than foreign-language teachers may be in the form of written and signed letters to the Language Schools. Mailed recommendations must be in a sealed envelope, signed by the recommender along the flap.

The following recommenders are all acceptable, listed here in order of preference:

  • language instructors with whom you have studied the target language (from the past two years)
  • recent instructors with whom you have studied other languages or disciplines
  • work supervisors from professional or volunteer work, or colleagues

Letters contained in official college placement files are acceptable, provided that they are no more than two years old.

Recommendation letters may be sent via e-mail to the Language Schools, but they must be sent directly from the recommender to the appropriate program coordinator. Recommendations that are forwarded from an applicant's e-mail address will not be accepted.

*Note to high school seniors: In addition to the two letters of recommendation mentioned above, high school seniors must submit a letter of recommendation from a guidance counselor.

5. Additional Information

You must submit a statement of approximately 200 words (in English) in which you describe:

  • your formal and informal experience with the language, including travel, study, or residence abroad
  • how you learned about Middlebury's programs
  • your reasons for wanting to study the language you have chosen
  • your career goals
  • any additional information that you consider relevant to your application
6. Specific Program Instructions

Each of the 11 Language Schools has somewhat different requirements for their application process. To ensure that you have submitted all of the required documents and continue with your online application, please click on the relevant link below.

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