Application Instructions for Current Middlebury Undergraduate Students

Before beginning, all Middlebury undergraduate should refer to the Academic Policies page.


1. Gather the name and email address of your recommender.
2. Complete the online application.
3. Submit one letter of recommendation through the online application.

The following recommenders are all acceptable, listed here in order of preference:

  • language instructors with whom you have studied the target language (from the past two years);
  • recent instructors with whom you have studied other languages or disciplines;
  • work supervisors from professional or volunteer work, or colleagues

Letters contained in official college placement files are acceptable, provided that they are no more than two years old.

4. Official transcript: Your Language School coordinator will obtain a transcript for your studies at Middlebury College.

Note about the application fee: The fee is waived for Middlebury College undergraduates. On the application, click on "Save and Pay" and then submit.

There are additional requirements for the following programs:

Chinese German Graduate Programs

Browser Requirement

To access the online application please ensure you are using one of the following browsers

  • Internet Explorer (version 11 or later)
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Google Chrome (version 22 of later)
  • Firefox (version 27 or later)
  • Safari (version 11 or later)