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ARBC 6608 - Arabic Sociolinguistics      

Arabic Sociolinguistics introduces you to key issues in the study of language variation in the Arab world. You will learn the theoretical and analytical tools needed to evaluate and understand current issues in Arabic sociolinguistics, and be prepared to undertake original research. You gain first-hand experience of data collection and training in methods of analysis. We will attempt to relate the issues to the contexts of language learning and teaching.

Required Text:

Arabic Sociolinguistics. Bassiouney, Reem. Georgetown University Press, 2009. Linguistics

Summer 2014 Language Schools

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ARBC 6691 - Teaching Arbc for Proficiency      

New findings of second language acquisition research have implications for teaching methodologies which are in turn reflected in how professional organizations set the goals and parameters for learning a foreign language. The new guidelines for Arabic, developed by the American Council for Teaching Foreign Languages in 2012, define such parameters for Arabic as a foreign language. This course offers a practicum where students explore these guidelines in depth and investigate their translation into actual lessons and teaching tools with the goal of ensuring that all teaching and learning activities enable the learner's to become proficient in Arabic. Pedagogy

Summer 2013, Summer 2014 Language Schools

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ARBC 6695 - Materials Development in TAFL      

This course is a practicum on materials development for teaching Arabic as a foreign language. It integrates the general concepts, principles, and practical considerations in the design, development and delivery of teaching materials both for a general audience and for Arabic for special purposes. Class activities will also focus on Arabic teaching materials that are developed to be teacher-centered and those that are designed to be students-centered including online courses. Students are required to develop and test their own materials. Pedagogy

Summer 2013

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