The best way to learn a language is to live it. To do that, you need to explore the language across its cultural range.

The Betty Ashbury Jones MA ’86 School of French reflects the diversity and richness of both France and the greater Francophone world. In class, you'll rapidly build fluency with the help of teachers from France, Africa, the French Caribbean, Lebanon, The Maghreb and Canada, benefitting from their expertise and insight as you gain a deeper understanding of French language and culture, past and present.

Outside the classroom, you'll participate in organized in-language cocurricular activities—such as soccer, singing, and even baking pastries—each designed to help you build new vocabulary while developing cultural fluency. You’ll also interact with our visiting lecturers, including Francophone artists, musicians, writers, and scholars.

Through the Language Pledge and 24/7 immersion, the Betty Ashbury Jones MA ’86 School of French is proud to offer what no other program can—the opportunity to join a close-knit community of French-speakers all focused on a single goal: achieving linguistic and cultural fluency.

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The Betty Ashbury Jones MA ’86 School of French

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