Level 3 Upper Intermediate French

Level 3 is for students who have had significant previous instruction in French and are already able to function independently in full immersion. Typically, students at this level demonstrate textual/writing ability beyond the sentence level. The individual components of the program are designed to complement one another, and all include intensive study of the language. Students will also arrive at a broader appreciation of French and Francophone cultures and literatures. The four course segments share the following common objectives:

• develop aural/oral proficiency through use of video and audio-based media, movies, songs, TV programs, drama.
• develop ease, fluidity, and efficiency in oral expression through the medium of theater and integrate the characteristics of non-verbal language into communication in French (gesture, posture, facial expression, voice inflection, etc.).
• review selected grammatical structures in close coordination with topics and activities taught in class.
• provide a broad introduction to French and Francophone culture, literature and literary styles through the study of short stories, poems and excerpts from novels.

Students in Level 3 take four classes a day, awarding a total of three units of credit.  The courses are: Communicative Grammar, Vocabulary and Written Expression, Phonetics and Oral Expression, Developing Oral Communication, Introduction to the Francophone World. 

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