Level 4 Advanced French

This level has a two-tiered structure (each course carries one unit of credit):
All students must take the course in advanced grammar and composition and one course in advanced oral expression/drama/pronunciation. Students choose two courses in contemporary Francophone culture and society and/or literature.

A. Required writing course
Advanced Grammar and Composition
This course enables students to construct progressively a repertoire of textual forms (narrative, descriptive, expressive, and argumentative) in order to communicate flexibly and fluently in writing. Concurrently, students will review fundamental grammatical structures and principles through numerous and varied exercises.

B. Required oral expression/pronunciation course
To speak, to present one's ideas, and to make public speeches are not natural activities. Oral expression in all its aspects will be practiced in this course specifically designed for students whose professional lives require them to present, to debate, or to persuade-simply put, to express themselves orally.

C. Two Elective courses
(Some titles may be subject to change)
• Young people and politics in France today : continuity and change
• The Great Speeches of French Political Rhetoric
• Cinemas of the Maghreb and Immigration
• The Aesthetics of Disappearance in Literature Since 1945
• Literature Through Art History
• Theater and Language

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