Level 4 Advanced French

Students in Level 4 take four classes a day, awarding a total of three units of credit.  The level comprises two required courses and two electives.

  • All students at this level take a course in Advanced Grammar and Composition and a course in Oral Production and Pronunciation.
  • Additionally, students elect two courses in the areas of contemporary Francophone Culture and Society and/or Literature.

Required Courses

Advanced Grammar and Composition

This course develops a thorough understanding of the mechanisms of the French language in order to improve students’ writing skills. Grammatical structures will be analyzed in three types of texts (narrative, descriptive and expressive).

Oral Production & Pronunciation 
This course is designed to improve oral communication and pronunciation of modern standard French for advanced-level students. Through a variety of activities, students will improve their phonetic production (focus on vowels, consonants, cadence, nasalization, liaison, elision, intonation, phonetic alphabet) while developing vocabulary and the capacity to express ideas in a myriad of functional settings. Topics may include: French culture, current events (from French-language newspapers, magazines, and TV programs), travel, music, and sports.

Elective Courses

(Courses are subject to change)

  • Young People and Politics in France and Beyond
  • The Great Speeches of French Political Rhetoric
  • Cinema of the Maghreb and Immigration
  • The Regions of France: History, Folklore and Culture
  • Journalism, the French Way
  • Heroes and Women
  • Autobiographical Writing
  • Theatre and Language

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