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Didier Tejedor de Felipe. Professeur Titulaire, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Espagne). Doctorat en Linguistique française (Universidad Complutense de Madrid).



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FREN6522 - Urban Sociolinguistics      

This course is intended as an introduction to the issue of language use within a social context from a sociolinguistic standpoint –a discipline dedicated to the study of language in its social and cultural manifestations.

The issues discussed in class will include: use of language registers and their implications, sociolinguistics as a field of research, social variations in French, verbal interactions, linguistic representations, and the emergence of an urban sociolinguistic domain. No previous knowledge of linguistics is required. Linguistics

Summer 2015 Language Schools

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FREN6524 - Introduction to Linguistics      

This course is meant to be a first contact with the principles and methods of linguistic analysis. Involving an introduction to linguistics, this course is aimed at people who are just starting French linguistic studies as well as to advanced level students willing to improve and systematize their knowledge by means of a structured reflection on some fundamental concepts of general linguistics.
An introduction to a complex discipline can be dealt with different approaches. While proposing a view of the organization and functioning of the human language, presenting the main notions of modern linguistics and the principal research fields, we will divide the present course into four wide areas: phonetics and phonology, morphology, lexical semantics, and semantics of the enunciation (enunciative and pragmatic approach).
No previous knowledge of linguistics is required. Linguistics

Summer 2013, Summer 2014 Language Schools, Summer 2015 Language Schools, Summer 2016 Language Schools

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FREN6601 - Studies of Semantic-Pragmatic      

In this course we propose a linguistic approach of discourse operators (adverbs, conjunctions, several locutions). The scientific study framework of our object is a recent version of language argumentation theory whitch includes, in particular, strategic discourse notion, theory of stereotypes and polyphony. In the first part of the course, we will attempt to develop a method of analysis based on these notions which will be of use to the description of the chosen linguistics units. In the second part, we will apply the methodology acquired in a corpus of examples having the same lexical entity, to determine the various semantic values.

No textbook required Linguistics

Summer 2014 Language Schools

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FREN6604 - Historical Phonetics of French      

This course aims to provide an overview of the history of the phonetic system of the French language and the evolution of its spelling. More precisely, the laws that governed on the phonetic transformations from Latin to contemporary French and the impact they have had on the morphology. To do this, we will discuss the basics of general phonetics and articulatory phonetics of contemporary French so that we can then focus our attention on the study of different phonetic changes which are subject, among other vowels and consonants.

No prior training in linguistics is required. Linguistics

Summer 2013

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FREN6613 - Textual Linguistics      

This course focuses on the study of arrangements of proposals and proposal packages in the unit that constitutes the text. Thus, we will discuss various related phenomena, on the one hand, to enunciation, where we will focus on the situation and plans of enunciation, as well as development of phenomena such as polyphony, reported speech, modality, modalization, speech acts, connectors, temporality etc...
On the other hand, having the text as a reference, we will focus on the construction of reference and textual cohesion (anaphora, coreference, thematic progression, etc.).
No previous knowledge of linguistics is required. Linguistics

Summer 2016 Language Schools

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