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FREN3335S - Seduction French &Franco Plays      


This course is designed to serve as a thorough introduction to contemporary French and Francophone literature. After a short summary of the historical evolution that lead from the epic of the Middle Ages to the literary movements of the Twentieth Century (Surrealism, Nouveau Roman…), we will focus on the recent production over the last three decades to give an overview of what is being written and read today. Students will be introduced to the broad trends, themes and aesthetics through a selection of representative authors and works (several excerpts will be circulated), including relevant figures from the French-speaking world.

Summer 2013, Mills 7 Week Session

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FREN3350S - Francophone Civilizations      


This course is designed to serve as an overall introduction to the culture and civilization of France from the Middle Ages to the present. Using an interdisciplinary approach linking literature, art and cultural history, we will study how French society has been put together over centuries to create a worldwide famous cultural situation; we will also consider what is left of these assets as expressed today by analyzing trends and issues of contemporary France through the political, social and cultural situation. The course will also study the rise of the so-called ‘Francophonie’ (French-speaking world), with the aim of understanding the processes of contacts between France and non-European cultures through the medium of a common language.

Summer 2013, Mills 7 Week Session

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FREN3442S - Understanding French Civ      

Understanding French Civilization


This course is designed for students to deepen their knowledge of France through a thorough analysis of what is meant by ‘French Civilization’. The workshop means to bring to light the main components of ‘Francité’ (Frenchness) in order to understand from inside how French society functions; using an interdisciplinary approach interconnecting cultural history, intercultural studies, sociology and anthropology, the course will highlight key patterns such as Hexagon, citizenship, national unity or the State (‘l’Etat’) with the aim of deciphering the complex framework of relationships that organize the so-called ‘French model’. The course is therefore intended to provide students with a better understanding of French past and current political characteristics, economic challenges, social issues and cultural assets.

Summer 2013, Mills 7 Week Session

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FREN6631 - Intro to Children's Lit      

Children’s literature is more than just a fad; it is a true social phenomenon, involving considerable editorial activity and influencing patterns of cultural consumption. From early childhood through adolescence, young people are raving about these global best-sellers, allowing us to understand a bit of the collective imagination of youth.

This course aims to provide an initiation into this abundant universe, full of aesthetic and thematic richness. We will undertake an historical and analytical overview in a comparative framework in which we emphasize contemporary Francophone works. Literature

Summer 2014 Language Schools, LS 6 Week Session, Summer 2015 Language Schools, LS 6 Week Session

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FREN6654 - French Culture & Civilization      

The aim of the course is to present French civilization through its culture, from a cultural history perspective which will put in relation artistic production and social mutations. The objective will therefore be to show how art productions (literature, painting, architecture, music etc.) are closely linked to the political, economic or scientific elements which characterize given time periods.

After showing how French society built itself around some fundamental myths, we shall try to demonstrate what constitutes the main world visions which characterized the evolution of France through the centuries. This will be based on a thorough analysis of examples taken from the realm of art and culture. Civ Cul & Soc

Summer 2015 Language Schools, LS 6 Week Session

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FREN6691 - 21C Fantasy Literature      

Introduction to Fantasy Literature of the 21st century

While the literature of the XIXth and XXth centuries emphasized an aesthetic dedicated to real world representations, the XXst century begins with a preference for fantasy fiction, manifested in many forms: literature, video games or the on-line world. This course will present contemporary productions of the past 15 years, while trying to understand what these works tell us of modern societies and the collective imagination of the contemporary world.

Summer 2014 Language Schools, LS 6 Week Session

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