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FREN 3427 - African Tales      

In this course, you will discover the universe of the African Tale. Tales are one of the main pedagogical tools in the African culture which is characterized by its oral tradition. Tales develop your imagination, enable you to master the language and help you understand the aesthetic and moral values that regulate the functioning of the society.

It has been passed down from the great traditional storytellers (the elderly and the griots). This course will be dedicated to the studying of the particular framework of the African tales. Moreover you will be taught how to read and write tales through the analysis of some classics.

Here is the list of the books that will be studied in the program:
-Kaydara de Hampâthé Bâ
-Petit Bodiel de hampâthé Bâ
- Les contes d’Amadou Koumba de Birago Diop
-Leuk- le lièvre de Senghor et Sadji

Summer 2013

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FREN 6647 - Oral Tradition in African Lit      

Initiation à la tradition orale africaine / Introduction to African Traditional Oral Literature

This course is intended for students who wish to explore the fundamentals of the African oral tradition. Indeed it is impossible to understand the African Francophone literature if you ignore the traditional patrimony kept alive by the storytellers and the griots.

The course is divided in three parts:
1) The fundamental myths among the Dogons, the Fulanis, the Bambaras, the Bantus. Who has created the World, and what are the links which binds Mankind to Nature and the Gods?
2) The different forms of speech: the epics, the tales, the proverbs, and the riddles
3) The influence of the oral tradition on the novel and African Francophone cinema

Required Texts:
Les Contes initiatiques peuls, Ba, Stock
Maxi Proverbes Africains, Cabakulu, Marabou
Les Contes d’Amadou Koumba, Diop, 61
Soundjata or L’Epopee Mandingue, Niane, 60
La Belle Historie de Leuk-le-Lièvre, Senghor/ Sadji, FR Poc Literature

Summer 2011

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FREN 6724 - Life & Work Amadou Hampate Ba      


Summer 2013, Summer 2014 Language Schools

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