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Born in 1972 in Belgrade, Sonia Ristić grew up between the former Yugoslavia and Africa; she has lived in Paris since 1991.  After her studies in Literature and Theatre, she became an actress and assistant director.  At the same time, she has worked with several prominent NGOs, specifically dealing with actions surrounding the wars in the former Yugoslavia and human rights issues. 

With the collective Théâtre du Verre, she directed many of her own plays, as well as collective pieces.  In 2004, she created her own company, Seulement pour les fous, and staged her plays Le temps qu'il fera demain (What Tomorrow Holds) and Quatorze minutes de danse (14-Minute Dance).  She regularly holds writing and acting seminars in France and abroad.  The majority of her plays have been published, performed, or read on air. 

She is the recipient of grants from the Centre National du Livre (2005 and 2008), the Minister of Culture (2006), the Centre National du Théâtre (2007), the Fondation Beaumarchais/Société des Auteurs et Compositeurs Dramatiques (2008), the Région Île-de-France (2010 and 2011), and has won numerous awards for her writing.

Sniper Avenue, Quatorze minutes de danse, Le temps qu'il fera demain - plays, L'espace d'un instant (2007)
Là-bas, ici (Here, there) - play, Ed. de la Gare (2008)
Orages (Storms) - novel, Actes Sud Junior (2008)
L'histoire de la princesse (The Story of the Princess) - play, forthcoming publication by Lansman Publishing Company
La représentation de Hamlet au village de Mrdusa-d'en bas (The Performance of Hamlet in the village of Lower-Mrdusa), by Ivo Bresan - translated and adapted, Espace d'un instant (2009)
Le Phare (The Lighthouse) - play, Lansman/TARMAC series (2009)
L'enfance dans un seau percé (Childhood in a Leaky Bucket) - play, Lansman (2011)
Migrants - play
Johnny-Misère (Johnny Misery) - children's play

Les petits philosophes (The little philosophers) - children's play

Lettres de Beyrouth (Letters from Beirut) - chronicles, Lansman (2012)

+ Numerous short stories, articles and essays




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FREN3450 - Theater and Language      

This course aims at developing ease and fluidity of oral communication in French. With the support of contemporary Francophone plays, students will discover the diversity of French languages by working on pronunciation, quality of their voice, gesture, breathing.
The course will be articulated in a dynamic, participative and creative way around three axes:
1) Dramaturgical approach of the plays: reading, discussion, analysis;
2) Exercises stemming from theatrical pedagogy to improve the qualities of articulation, pronunciation, memorization, verbal ease and public speaking;
3) Staging extracts of the studied plays for a public presentation, which will close the course.
This year, we’ll be exploring the theme of Afropean (African-European) identity, through a series of short plays by two major writers from the African continent living and working in France.

Required texts: Dieudonné NIANGOUNA, M’appelle Mohamed Ali, (Les solitaires intempestifs / ISBN 2846814147)
- Léonora MIANO, Ecrits pour la parole, (L’arche éditeur / ISBN 9782851817730)

Summer 2013, LS 7 Week Session, Summer 2016 Language Schools, LS 7 Week Session, Summer 2017 Language Schools, LS 7 Week Session

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