What the German School will give you:

Middlebury's emphasis on meaningful communication in real-life situations - from navigating the streets of Berlin to discussing German philosophy or entertaining guests - will support you long after you leave the campus, no matter where your German takes you: to the research archives, to the classroom, to the opera, or to the heart of Europe. A few of the many cocurricular in-language activities on offer are Soccer, Theater, Choir, Volleyball, Yoga, Chess, a Philosophy Group, ultimate frisbee, films and lectures, and weekly discussions about current German-American political issues. We are a small enough language program to be flexible in accommodating other activities, should enough interest among students exist.

Curriculum of the seven-week Intensive Language Program:

The seven-week session is designed for people whose proficiency in the German language is similar to that of a college undergraduate, from pure beginner to intermediate and advanced. Classes normally meet four hours per day, five days per week.  Homework and other assignments usually require four to six additional hours a day, and students are encouraged to participate in at least two cocurricular activities of their choice.

Each level of the program involves four hours of classroom instruction per day and carries a total of three units of credit (the equivalent of nine semester hours) for the entire 7-week program.  All books required for the courses will be available for purchase from the Middlebury College Bookstore.

Students registered in the German seven-week session will be enrolled in one of five levels according to their proficiency as determined by placement tests and prior experience with German. Each of the five levels in the seven-week program provide proficiency-oriented instruction in listening, reading, grammar, stylistics and composition, pronunciation and phonetics, oral expression in formal contexts, as well as interpersonal oral expression, incorporating German literature, culture, and history.

By enrolling, students agree to accept the placement decisions of the School administration. It is important that students realize that prior study of German, while a factor in placement, does not necessarily guarantee placement in a higher level. In other words, those who have had one year of German may still be placed in the beginning level according to their proficiency rating. We reserve the right to determine where the student will gain the most from the Middlebury German School experience.

The German School

Sunderland Language Center
Middlebury College
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German School
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Tina Ilgner, Assistant Director