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Lynn Wolff

German School Faculty

Lynn Wolff earned her PhD in German Literature with a minor in French at the University of Wisconsin, Madison in 2011. She then moved to Germany to take up a postdoc as an Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellow at the Universität Stuttgart. While at the UW-Madison, she taught all levels of German language, and at the Uni-Stuttgart, she taught undergraduate and graduate seminars on the theory and practice of German drama, the representation of the Holocaust in literature, art, and film, and contemporary literature in German. She also spent a year in France, teaching English to very energetic high school students. Her scholarly and teaching interests include the relationship between literature and historiography, intermediality, theories of translation, and concepts of world literature.
She is the author of W.G. Sebald's Hybrid Poetics: Literature as Historiography (Berlin: de Gruyter, 2014) and articles on Sebald, Marcel Beyer, Wilhelm Genazino, and Bernhard Schlink. Together with Hans Adler, she co-edited the volume Aisthesis und Noesis: Zwei Erkenntnisformen vom 18. Jahrhundert bis zur Gegenwart (Munich: Fink, 2013) and with Helen Finch the volume Witnessing, Memory, Poetics: H.G. Adler and W.G. Sebald (Rochester, NY: Camden House, forthcoming 2014).
In her free time, Lynn enjoys reading, cooking, hiking, and swimming. A fan of both big cities and quiet natural preserves, she loves exploring new places with her camera in hand.



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GRMN 3301 - Advanced Grammar & Comm      

This course meets two hours per day to analyze and provide advanced grammatical structures, provide intensive written and oral language training, offer insights into German ways of perception, and teach strategies of communication and language learning. For this course, some additional language and computer laboratory work is required.

Required text: Perlmann-Balme, Hering, Matusse: Übungsgrammatik für die Mittelstufe (Hueber Verlag)

Summer 2014 Language Schools

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GRMN 3302 - Modern German Literature      

This course will use short German prose to enrich cultural context, increase vocabulary, reinforce grammatical and communicative structures, and introduce methods of literary interpretation.

Required texts: Brussig: Leben bis Männer. (dtv); Honigmann: Eine Liebe aus Nichts (dtv); Timm: Die Entdeckung der Currywurst (dtv); Kreitz: Die Entdeckung der Currywurst (Carlsen); Rusch: Meine freie deutsche Jugend (Fischer).

Summer 2014 Language Schools

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GRMN 3306 - Adv German For Singers      

Advanced Grammar and Communication meets two hours per day to analyze and practice advanced grammatical structures, to provide intensive written and oral language training, to offer insights into the German ways of perception, and to develop communication and reading skills. Some additional work in the language laboratory and computer lab is required.

Summer 2014 Language Schools

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